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PlumbingSupply.US Celebrates Earth Week 2004
ELKINS PARK, PA 12 April 2004 :-
(PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)  The PlumbingSupply.US goal is to promote a healthy environment and a peaceful, sustainable world by spreading environmental awareness.
  Today stormwater runoff is one our nation's most common cause of water pollution. Unlike industry-specific pollution, stormwater pollution, also know as nonpoint source pollution, is generated when rainwater and snowmelt run off streets, lawns, construction sites and business complexes, picking up fertilizers, dirt, pesticides, oil, grease and other pollutants. 'Storm sewer inlets carry the water away from roads via underground pipes that drain, untreated, into our waterways, according to PlumbingSupply.US Environmental Consultant, Ellyn Hernandez.'
  Recent federal mandates require operators of municipal seperate storm sewer systems, MS4, to develop and implement and implement a program to minimize stormwater pollution. Our local hometown community Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, has initiated many projects to implement an MS4 program of which PlumbingSupply.US has chosen to participate on a gratus basis. Elkins Park government, co-sponsored by PlumbingSupply.US has organized volunteers which have planted native species foilage, which have deep roots that reduce streambank erosion while filtering pollutants, along 300 linear feet of the Elkins Park streambank, Tookany Creek. Louis Jones & Fred Jackson IV, of PlumbingSupply.US warehouse crew, are shown surveying the project, in grand anticipation of Earth Day 2004. Ellen Hernandez, not shown, was busy taking the photo. Later this year another 820 linear feet of the streambank, under the Tookany Creek Streambank Stabilization and Restoration Project, to repair damage caused by Hurricane Floyd, will be accomplised in protecting our local waterway for future generations. ###

Earth Week 2004

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