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PlumbingSupply.US Announces International Trade Wholesale Shopping
ELKINS PARK, PA 26 April 2004 :-
(PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)   PlumbingSupply.US a global leader in plumbing, environmental plumbing and plumbing news, today announced the PlumbingSupply.US International Division, Plumbers Wholesale Shopping is an American global standard that reaches out through a strategy that aligns innovation, modernized stores, e-commerce, catalogs, and international expansion. The branding reflects a lifestyle that is current and relevant, one with a youthful attitude and energy. With product innovation, value, superior quality and the highest level of customer service as the valued hallmarks. PlumbingSupply.US is dedicated to providing shopping solutions to meet all your wholesale plumbing repair needs. Empowerment. "Building effective customer relationships means shaping a complex set of components into a simple engine", according to Mark Badger of PlumbingSupply.US marketing.
  Never in world history has an economic revolution sparked an immense rise in productivity and growth. The evolution of business as competition increases creates an inimitable path towards the accelerated use and exploitation of Internet technology as a primary driving factor. The same performing Internet technology that has applications in many industries can mean a lot to your procurement activities. The relationship we build with you and your team allows us to anticipate and equally assess your business direction and requirements, a partnership ultimately geared towards your success. The solutions we provide are a combination of your strategy and our technology. The pursuit of knowledge has placed us in the front line of the Internet Revolution and allows us to enable you and your business to thrive; a clearly defined value proposition and an Internet presence built around a desired customer experience; Increasing the value enhanced shopping experience through exceeding industry standards in customer satisfaction while achieving a sustainable growth in market share and profitability.

  Success is built by long-term business relationships. The fulfillment of broad band business objectives requires one’s capacity to apply tested principles and translate them into innovative programs. At PlumbingSupply.US, one of our key strengths lie in our capability to convert your vision into practical and easy to implement solutions that immediately benefit and impact your business. We put it upon ourselves to make sure that all our collective ideas are transformed into value-driven realities. Internet Strategies can be copied, successful implementations cannot. PlumbingSupply.US will help you maximize the synergies between the power of the Internet and your business objectives. We have a business model that provides you with a clear value proposition, an Internet presence built around your desired shopping experience, and a value chain structure that delivers. Now with PlumbingSupply.US, take advantage of special international shipping savings when purchasing purchasing multiple quantities of the same product. Don't miss out. The more you buy, the more you will save on your international purchase. It doesn't get any better. Guaranteed quotes, the price quoted includes everything. You never pay a single-penny more. Insured transactions, guarantee that you will receive your order in good condition. PlumbingSupply.US extensive experience helps us understand productive solutions, we have what it takes to give you the plumber a competitive edge. ###


About PlumbingSupply.US
PlumbingSupply.US is the country's newest plumbing industry publication, debuting in January 2004. The PlumbingSupply.US properties include the online publication Environmental Plumbing News, Plumbing News, Environmental Plumbing Review, a line of annual preview magazines, plumbing licensing ventures and PlumbingSupply.US a premiere showcase shopping site.

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