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Please fill out the following survey so we can better serve you. 
We welcome your participation in our ongoing effort to improve our service. 
We listen to our customers. We know it is impossible to satisfy everyone
but if we identify widespread needs among our customers we will strive
to meet those needs. We look forward to serving you now and in the future.
Thank You Very Much.  Your Survey Number Is: 3331

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1. Are You An Existing Customer ?
2. How Long Have You Used A Computer ?
3. Do you prefer Microsoft® Windows 2000 or Windows XP ?
4. Have you used our shopping showcase ?
5. Are you satisified with our performance ?
6. Which of the following are important ?

Surveys customers to measure expectations

Identifies customers by name

Prompt Professional Service

Surveys customers to measure satisfaction

Tracks turnaround time for response to customer requests

Knows About Our Plumbing Supply Needs

Has a good knowledge of hard to find plumbing parts

Enhanced services and value-added solutions

Surveys customers to measure loyality

Dedicated Sales and Service Support

Available products we need for immediate delivery

Perfect Pricing


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