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Water Meter

AMCO is the world’s leading supplier to the water industry. In addition to producing over 8 million water meters each year, AMCO Water Metering Systems new name for former ABB Water Meters. The easiest way to measure water consumption. Take the guesswork and tedium out of filling and topping off reservoirs with these easy to use water meters. Simply attach one end to water source and other end to a hose or valve and these super accurate meters will tell you exactly how much water you are dispensing in 1/8 of a gallon increments. Makes topping off reservoirs easy because now you can add water and know exactly how much nutrient concentrate to add.The single-jet meter, non-remote, operates on the velocity principle where a jet of water enters the measuring chamber and drives the rotor. The velocity of the rotor is proportional to the flow. The meter has a vacuum sealed dry register resistant against dust and condensation. AMCO ABB metering systems specifically designed for the requirements of utility, submetering or industrial applications in North America. For Canada and the United States, all utility meters meet or exceed the relevant specifications of the American Water Works Association (AWWA). Perfect for residential or camp ground private metering, technologically advanced solution for multi-unit submetering. Ten year manufacturer's guarantee. Features; Bronze Cast Case Positive displacement mechanism Magnetically driven 3" direct register Max pressure 150 PSI Max temp 120 deg. F5/8" MPT inlet and outlet, with reducers 1/4 GPM minimum flow for accuracy odometer style counter tracks total consumption


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Always Insist On Genuine PlumbingSupply.US Parts


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