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Plumbing News By PlumbingSupply.US Fri 11 17, 9:55:21 PM EDT. We hope you review the informative publication, Plumbing News By PlumbingSupply.US. Enjoy A Wonderful Evening. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

The PlumbingSupply.US Team wishes you and your family a very happy and safe Back To School 2004. Drive Safely. Watch That Child. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Billboard Radio Top 100 presented by BMW presents the HOT 100 on Billboard Radio, interactive player, featuring this weeks chart, and up to the minute news about your favorite artists. PlumbingSupply.US spokesman Mark Badger gives Billboard Radio our pick of the week. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

The revisions mark the most dramatic change to the Fair Labor Standards Act in more than half a century. Critics condemn the overhaul as a way for business to get more labor for less money. The Labor Department predicts the new rules will make overtime pay typically one and one half times the normal hourly wage for work beyond 40 hours a week newly available to as many as 1.3 million American workers. Anyone making less than 23,660 USD a year, or 455 USD a week, will automatically qualify for overtime regardless of the job duties they perform. The previous limit was 155 USD. Several types of workers can be exempted from overtime. Among them: Executives, who manage a business or department, direct the work of at least two other full timers, and have the authority or recommendation to hire or fire; Administrators, who do office or nonmanual work directly related to management or operations of the employer, and exercise discretion and independent judgment; Learned or creative professionals, who do work requiring advanced knowledge in a field of science or learning acquired by a prolonged course of specialized intellectual instruction; or work requiring invention, imagination, originality or talent; Computer employees, including systems analysts, programmers or software engineers; Highly compensated employees - Anyone in office or non-manual work who makes 100,000 USD a year or more and routinely performs at least one of the duties of the other exempt workers; Outside salespeople, who usually do their work away from the employers place of business. The exemptions do not apply to: Employees whose pay is covered by collective bargaining agreements; Blue-collar workers, or those who do work involving repetitive operations with their hands, physical skill and energy; Emergency first responders like police, firefighters and paramedics. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

As Schools Open, PlumbingSupply.US Cautions Drivers To Be Alert. As children return to school this fall to resume their studies, it is time for motorists to brush up on their safe driving skills and take extra precautions. The Schools Open Drive Carefully campaign urges motorists to pay special attention when they drive around schools and in neighborhoods, especially in the morning and afternoon when the opening and closing school bells ring. Be prepared for a child to dart out into the roadway, and reduce your speed. Also, stop for school buses that are loading or unloading students. It is illegal to pass a school bus, even in a parking lot, when its red lights are flashing. Students often lack experience in dealing with traffic. Motorists can help reduce risks to children by following these suggestions: Slow down around schools and residential areas. Remember the speed limit in a school zone is 20 mph. Watch out for children, they may be running, late, distracted and forget to look for cars. Understand children are unpredictable and inexperienced in traffic. Look for clues children may be in the area, safety patrols, crossing guards, bikes, school buses and school zone signs. Drive with extra caution in bad weather or when the sun on the horizon obscures vision. Clear car windows and mirrors before starting to drive in the morning. Obey all traffic signs and symbols. Drive with extra caution near school bus sites. Obey school bus stop laws. When you see flashing red lights on a school bus, always come to a complete stop. Parents are often a traffic hazard as they drop off and pick up their children. Safety tips for parents include: Do not double park, stop on crosswalks or block visibility for children and other motorists. Load and unload children on the same side of the street as the school or school bus stop. Have all children exit the vehicle from curb side doors. Carpool to reduce the number of cars at the school or bus stop. Request school officials set up a special pick up and drop off area. If there is no special area, arrange a specific place to meet your children, on the same side of the street as the school and away from congestion. If your child walks to school, walk the route with them several times before and after school. Use these walks to point out possible traffic hazards, teach and practice safe walking habits and find the safest walking route. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Unlike the sleek Art Deco hotels that draw hordes of hipsters to South Beach, the International Inn, a few miles north, looks like another aging concrete block motel, just this side of seedy. But look harder and glimpse a budding architectural trend that some here hope will have Deco's cool cachet before long. It already has a catchy name: MiMo, short for Miami Modernism, which two design buffs coined five years ago for the building style that flourished here in the postwar boom of the 50s. Think space age optimism and touches of whimsy. Think massive, swanky and quaintly cheesy, like velvet paintings or showgirl headdresses. A growing group of preservationists, politicians, developers and tourism promoters are angling for MiMo (pronounced MY mo) to become a revered symbol of Miami Beach just as Art Deco did in the 80s, when a movement took off to restore the crumbling Deco buildings of South Beach and use their distinctive design as a marketing tool. The renovations proved instrumental to the revitalization of South Beach, starting with Art Decos prominent role in "Miami Vice." Now, people are hoping MiMo can do the same for the northern half of Miami Beach. PlumbingSupply.US has seen an unprecendented sales growth in the Dade County area providing developers with hard to find plumbing restoration parts and supplies, which translate to savings developers money while maintaining the historic integrity of Mi Mo. Other contractor supply houses such as Abungie Supply have also seen a growth in the demand of restoration ingredients as the preservation activities continue. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Summer of Style Offers Great Design Tips and Trends to Quickly and Easily Update Kitchens and Bathrooms. Moen Incorporated has teamed up with celebrity designer, Vern Yip, host of TLCs Trading Spaces, for the Moen Summer of Style, an entire season of contests and professional advise to help homeowners find quick, affordable and easy ways to add style to their kitchens and baths. The Moen Summer of Style includes a variety of avenues for homeowners to obtain valuable design information and win great prizes. The Show Us Your Style contest, allows homeowners to submit before and after photos of their kitchen or bathroom project for the chance to win a grand prize of five thousand dollars and a private inhome consultation with Vern Yip. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Shareholders of Roto Rooter Inc. approved a new, but familiar name, for the Cincinnati based plumbing and drain cleaning and hospice care provider. After a year as Roto Rooter Inc., shareholders approved returning to the companys old name, Chemed Corp., as a better fit since its February acquisition of Vitas Healthcare Corp. of Miami. The companys new name and old ticker symbol, CHE, should take effect immediately, said Dave Williams, chief financial officer. The companys four hundred million dollar acquisition of Vitas, the largest in its history, has transformed Chemed from a holding company for Roto Rooter, the nations largest provider of plumbing and drain cleaning services, into the largest provider of end of life care as well. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Costs Rising for Contractors. The escalating prices of commodities like steel, iron, drywall, plywood and concrete is hitting the contractors bottom lines pretty hard these days. Add to that higher gasoline prices, and one discovers that the construction industry is getting much more expensive to be in. The culprit seems to be a building boom in China, which is decimating inventories and driving prices higher. Much of the higher cost is being absorbed by contractors, since many businesses sign contracts, and agree to pricing, well before an order or project is completed, leaving them to foot the bill for anything above and beyond what was agreed upon. Some business are stockpiling critical materials when they see prices begin to rise and are trying to pass along the increased costs to customers. Even the Florida DOT recently implemented a steel price index for its contracts to account for increases in project costs. Yet most business are taking a bite out of profits to meet demand in this competitive industry. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

LETTER TO EDITOR: I have a Moen kitchen faucet, about 15 years old, that has developed a small drip. What is involved in repairing this leak? ANSWER By PlumbingSupply.US: You are in luck. Both Moen and Delta faucets have very easy repair kits, which PlumbingSupply.Us always has in stock. Shut off the water to the sink, both hot and cold. Take off the handle and unscrew the decorative fitting that covers the working parts of the faucet. Moen faucets have cartridges. Remove the cartridge and purchase an exact replacement. The replacement kit should include an O ring, cartridge and clip. Replace all these parts and put the faucet back together. Turn on the water, and you should be good for the next ten years. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

LETTER TO EDITOR: Over the past few years, our 30 year old house has started to spring pinhole leaks in the copper plumbing. Upon inspecting one offending pipe, I noticed a significant erosion in the pipe wall causing it to leak. The leaks are unpredictable and so far have been in the cold water lines only. What is causing this and what can we do about it? ANSWER By PlumbingSupply.US: Pinhole leaks are commonly caused by the use of dissimilar metals in the plumbing system. When copper pipes connect to galvanized pipe, a process called electrolysis results that breaks down copper, resulting in cracks and pinhole leaks. The same thing can happen if the copper is connected with galvanized connectors. Another cause for pinhole leaks is water moving through pipes. Sometimes a circulating pump is installed in a plumbing system. That causes a constant movement of water at a high speed and that eats away the pipe. Pinhole leaks also can be the result of a poor grade of copper tubing. Thinner, lower quality pipe is more likely to develop pinhole leaks. Generally, a mid grade copper pipe, called M class copper, is installed in residential plumbing systems. Sometimes the pinhole leak problem is due to poor flux at joints. Replacing the copper piping is your only solution. Because you've already have pinhole leakage, it is too late to stop it. Patching as you find the leaks only delays the inevitable. Because there are many possibilities, the only way to know for sure what is causing your problem is to have a plumber look at your system. Ask neighbors, friends and relatives for names of plumbers they've used with success. Then get bids. Ask the plumbers what is causing the problem and the cost for repairs. Before hiring a company, check the Better Business Bureau to make sure there are no outstanding complaints against the company. Although pinhole leaks are widespread in some states and can be traced to water quality problems. Homes connected to municipal systems do not have the problem unless one of the conditions listed above is present. Most of the time, pinhole leakage is found in older housing in rural locations using dissimilar metals. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Twelve Firefighters Hurt In Five Alarm Blaze. Firefighters have managed to put out a stubborn fire in a commercial building in the Ridgewood section of Queens, New York. The flames were shooting out of the third floor windows of the Allen Supply Warehouse. Firefighters arrived a little after 1:00 AM, 18 May. Twelve firefighters were taken to local hospitals for injuries ranging from smoke inhalation to exhaustion. More than 200 firefighters were called to the scene at Flushing and Cypress Avenues for what turned out to be a very challenging operation. Classic construction materials and plumbing supplies were stacked in boxes and piled from floor to ceiling making it difficult to get inside. Edward Kilduff, Assistant Deputy Fire Chief: "It is a dense area. There was a lot of stock and a very narrow passageways and aisles throughout the storage area. It was very difficult to move our lines around." None of the firefighters injuries are considered to be life threatening. The fire is believed to be accidental. Investigators have not ruled out arson. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Thanks to the North Carolina Rural Community Assistance Program, local resident Lawrence Headen of Pittston, is getting a new bathroom. He is particularly happy about that because he has never had one before. Headens house on Fire Tower Road near Governors Club was built in the late 1950s as part of a program called "dollar down housing" where the state built the house and, as Headen put it, "You do the inside yourself." Headen was never able to afford the installation of plumbing, and so has never had running water or a working toilet. "I have never had a bathroom," Headen said. "I have always had to tote water and use the outhouse." Last October, Headens sister told him about the programs Safe Housing Initiative and encouraged him to apply. He was accepted that month and the repairs began. First, he had two doors and three windows fixed. Soon after, he had a new well and a septic tank installed. Now he's just waiting on a bathroom unit. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Federal lawmakers are proposing tougher standards designed to keep lead out of drinking water in a bill filed a week after it was revealed that high levels of lead were found in Framingham, MA and Newton, MA tap water. The bill would also provide two hundred million dollars a year from 2005 through 2009 to help utilities replace lead service lines, which can introduce excessive amounts of the toxic metal into drinking water. U.S. Rep. Edward Markey, D7th, cosponsored the measure, saying current lead regulations allow the persistence in some homes of "harmful lead levels." "Under the current rules, a communitys water can be declared safe even if 10 percent of the lead tests fail to meet the standard, and there is no requirement to notify the failing households that their drinking water has unhealthy levels of lead," Markey said in a news release. "This is unconscionable. When it comes to lead exposure, what you don't know can hurt you." Under current rules, a community is out of compliance if more than 10 percent of homes tested meet or exceed the 15 parts per billion lead action level. The bill would direct the Environmental Protection Agency to review the standard. It would also require municipalities that exceed the action level to replace 10 percent of lead service lines each year until all of them are gone. Currently, they must replace 7 percent per year, and may stop replacing lines if they pass two lead tests six months apart, said Karen McGuire, manager of water enforcement in the Boston EPA office. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

A recent research survey by the American Water Works Association, "Dawn of the Replacement Era; Reinvesting in Drinking Water Infrastructure," reports that 21st century water utilities face "significant economic challenges," with a projection that expenditures could reach two hundred and fifty billion dollars over 30 years nationwide for worn out drinking water pipes and associated structures. (This figure does not include wastewater infrastructure, or the cost of new drinking water standards.) So as these buried systems decay and face replacement, the quality of the water at the tap comes into question. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

After 100 Years, A New Rule Book for New York. New York City has embarked on the most comprehensive rewriting of its building, fire, plumbing and electrical codes since they were first adopted more than a hundred years ago.(PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

The City of Falls Church, VA, has announced that it has hired Doug Fraser as its building official. Fraser will supervise the Citys building inspections staff, issue certificates of occupancy, ensure compliance with codes and policies, and perform field inspections and reinspections of residential, commercial, industrial and public facilities for compliance with building, plumbing, electrical and mechanical codes. Fraser previously served nine years as a building plan reviewer for Arlington County inspection services. A graduate of Virginia Tech, he has over 25 years experience in architecture, engineering and code compliance. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Timothy Cayer has joined the staff of Tweet/Garot Mechanical, Green Bay Wi. His duties will include developing new plumbing design opportunities and expand estimating and construction services. He had been with Central Consulting Engineers as a licensed plumbing designer. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

On behalf of Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell, Environmental Protection Secretary Kathleen A. McGinty has announced the opening of a three million dollar grant program through Growing Greener that will help communities, municipalities, municipal authorities and public school districts finance improvements to their existing sewage facilities and drinking water systems using innovative or new water and wastewater technology."This program provides the opportunity for applicants to take advantage of the latest technology to improve Pennsylvania's water and wastewater facilities," Secretary McGinty said. "Improvements can help prevent pollution, conserve water and reduce energy. At the same time, we support economic development and open new markets for innovation in infrastructure maintenance and environmental protection." Grants of up to five hundred thousand dollars will be available to make physical improvements to existing drinking water and sewage treatment facilities, and sanitary and combined sewer collection/conveyance systems. New or innovative technology refers to technology that is commercially available, but not yet widely used in Pennsylvania. New or innovative technology should provide significant advantages over the conventional technology. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

PlumbingSupply.US Celebrates National Drinking Water Week. The Wonder Of Water. Safe Drinking Water. PlumbingSupply.US a global leader in plumbing, environmental plumbing and plumbing news, today announced that PlumbingSupply.US has observed National Drinking Water Week, 02 May thru 08 May 2004, with a call to action to help protect and preserve a most precious valuable natural resource, drinking water. "National Drinking Water Week reminds us of the essential role we each play in respecting and protecting our drinking water supply," said Mark Badger, PlumbingSupply.US spokesman. "We all share the benefits of our drinking water, which is among the cleanest and safest in the world. By changes in our daily routines, we can all contribute to protecting this resource for future generations; Only one percent of the Earths water is water for human consumption; the total demand for water is 34 million gallons per day." Badger recommends several simple steps consumers can take to help conserve the water supply: Water your lawn early in the morning or at night to avoid excess evaporation. Do not over water your lawn. Fully load the dishwasher and clothes washer before running. Defrost frozen food in the refrigerator or in the microwave instead of running hot water over the food. When washing dishes by hand, do not let the water run. Use a broom, rather than a hose, to clean sidewalks and driveways. If you have a swimming pool, use a cover. You will cut the loss of water by evaporation by 90 percent. Repair dripping faucets and leaky toilets. Dripping faucets can waste up to two thousand gallons of water each year in the average home. Leaky toilets can waste as much as two hundred gallons per day. Do not leave the sink running while you brush your teeth. "We are all stewards of the water we drink and use for other purposes," Badger said. "By taking these simple steps, we can feel confident that we are doing our part. Do not wait a week to fix that leak; PlumbingSupply.US has supplies to stop leaks and make you environment friendly." Other organisations which endorse and celebrate National Drinking Water Week are the American Water Works Association,, and the Water Quality Association,, along with many citizens, governments, municipal water authorities and environmental groups across America. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc., the American Water Works Association (AWWA), and water utilities across the nation will kick off National Drinking Water Week, May 2 thru May 8, a celebration of our countrys most precious natural resource. "National Drinking Water Week is the perfect opportunity for us to educate our customers on the value of clean drinking water," said company President Karl Kyriss. "Our hope is that with the help of the media, we can shed additional light on the importance of drinking water, which is only utility product that we actually ingest and without which you cannot live." Kyriss said that Aqua Pennsylvania is willing to do its part by making the company available for stories that will help highlight some of the important work that takes place every day to ensure the reliable delivery of more than one hundred twenty million gallons of quality water to more than one million residents throughout Delaware, Montgomery, Chester, and Bucks counties every day. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

It is free, it is plentiful, it is easy to find, it is satisfying, it tastes good and it can be a life saver. Water, whether from expensive designer bottles or straight from the tap is a part of daily life. It is also the first line of defense when it comes to preventing serious heat related medical conditions, said Dr. Carol Rice, Texas Cooperative Extension Health Specialist. "The body needs a certain amount of fluid intake to balance what it uses," she said. During the heat of the summer, the body gives off a lot of its water supply as perspiration; You have to be able to perspire to maintain a balanced temperature; You need to drink a lot if you perspire a lot in order to avoid heat-related problems." Drink lots of cool water, even more than you think you need, when the weather is hot and humid," Rice said. Fruit and vegetable juices and sports drinks are good too, but water is best. Drinking a gallon of liquid a day is recommended, she said, for people who are not in an air conditioned environment and when the outside temperature is above ninety degrees. Both adults and children who are outside in the summer heat need an adequate supply of cool drinking water on hand; "If you drink a glass of water about every twenty minutes if you're going to be playing or working outside, that should keep you safe," according to Rice. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Plumbing contractor John W. Danforth Co. in Tonawanda New York, has acquired a sheet metal fabricator in Orchard Park, creating a 400 job company with more than one hundred million in combined sales, the companies announced. Danforths purchase of the assets of Niagara Frontier Sheet Metal should help the combined company win more commercial plumbing and ventilation work, officials said. "Niagara Frontier has been a major subcontractor for Danforth for the last 20 years," Danforth chairman and chief executive Kevin G. Reilly said. As a single company, "we'll be a little leaner and meaner." Terms of the deal were undisclosed. A handful of jobs may be eliminated in overlapping positions, but Danforth expects more jobs will be created through increased projects, he said. The combination creates a one stop source for fabrication and installation of plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire).

Friesenhahn Plumbing Inc., St Louis MO, was honorably mentioned by the Home Services Hall of Fame at the Plumbers Success International Summit June 3 in Orlando, Fla., for being a finalist as the Business Professional of the Year. Friesenhahn Plumbing Inc., located at 9520 U.S. 87 E. in San Antonio, is one of the top plumbing companies in all of Plumbers Success International and North America. Friesenhahn Plumbing is the type of company that all plumbing contractors should look to for advice and direction, said Terry Nicholson, president of Plumbers Success International. Their dedication to their employees and customers is second to none. Through their actions, they illustrate their commitment to both their work and their community and prove that ethics and morality can still exist in todays business world. To Friesenhahn Plumbing, the bottom line is important, but it is not nearly as important as how they treat people on a daily basis. This is a tremendous honor, said Dale Friesenhahn, founder of Friesenhahn Plumbing. Not only is this a tribute to the company, it is a tribute to everyone on my team. They have all worked so hard to get where we are today. Their willingness to learn and contribute to the greater good inspires me each and every day. Friesenhahn Plumbing Inc. is an exclusive member of Plumbers Success International, an elite group that represents the top 1 percent of all plumbing contractors in the entire continent of North America. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Stock Building Supply, the U.S. pro dealer subsidiary of Wolseley plc based in Raleigh, N.C., has acquired Bellevue Builders Supply, a seven yard and home center. Including this acquisition, Stock Building Supply, with sales of .7 billion in fiscal 2003, now operates more than 232 locations in 26 states. Wolseley, the plumbing, heating and building materials distributor, revealed that it has made a total of five acquisitions in North America and Europe over the past three months. "These bolt on acquisitions will further strengthen our presence in Europe and North America, and they support our strategy of growing the business via acquisition and organic growth," said Charles Bank, Wolseleys chief executive. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

PlumbingSupply.US a global leader in plumbing, environmental plumbing and plumbing news, has announced that PlumbingSupply.US Has Completed The Acquisition Of Abungie Plumbing. PlumbingSupply.US, through its Administrative Logistics Systems division, has completed the acquisition of Abungie Plumbing. The combination is expected to accelerate important plumbing marketing technologies that will improve customer confidence, business efficiency and to continue the over one hundred year old Abungie Plumbing tradition of technology innovation, outstanding customer service, product innovation, quality and service, and overall customer commitment. "The combination of PlumbingSupply.US and Abungie will definitely contribute to better customer care and gained financial strength," said Dr. James Calhoun Von Doree IV, a noted international financial analyst. "Our customers and employees will benefit from the strength of PlumbingSupply.US, especially in the area of development, expansion of our global support," said Ollin Abungie, president and CEO of Abungie Plumbing. "The combination of PlumbingSupply.US and Abungie represents one of the most significant acquisitions in the history of plumbing technology and information based on the feedback we are getting from plumbers and plumbing supply houses around the world," said Mark Badger, spokesman of PlumbingSupply.US. "We have a terrific opportunity to create a new and better kind of plumbing parts, tools and supplies support for plumbers, supply houses and their clients, as well as end users," according to Badger. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Plumbing Innovations Make Major Inroads in Efficiency, Flushability. In an effort to save water and increase efficiency in municipal wastewater systems, the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct) was signed into law. Prior to this law, U.S. consumers were happy with their water guzzling toilets, yet these fixtures were among the most water consuming appliances in many homes, using anywhere from 3.5 gallons to 5 gallons per flush. In 1994, EPAct went into effect, requiring that all residential toilets be manufactured using the 1.6 gallons per flush standard. Early on, toilets underwent considerable changes. While the majority of toilets worked well and did save water, some consumers were not satisfied with the performance of these new toilets. Driven by anecdotal complaints that household toilets simply didnt work, some lawmakers even urged repeal of the federal law, albeit unsuccessfully. What consumers were saying was that they wanted to be 100 percent confident that their toilets would get the job done in one flush, every time. Manufacturers listened and continued to strive for improvements, and today the worry free 1.6 gallon toilet is becoming a reality. High efficiency toilets today. Here are just some of the most recent inroads in toilet re engineering: High tech tanks. The old floating ball and chain system is giving way to new flushing technology. For example, American Standard eliminated the typical tank flapper valve altogether and replaced it with an exclusive Flush Tower(TM) that is designed to forcefully release 1.6 gallons of water per flush in under a second. Named Americas Best(TM) Flushing System, the technology was first installed in the recently introduced Champion Toilet. Huge high flow flush valves: While style and size of flush valves vary in todays models, the Flush Tower inside the Champion toilet employs a specially designed inlet along with a large, three inch diameter opening to increase efficiency and maximize flush performance. Oversized trapway: The newest toilets are made with extra large internal passageways that have no choke points to trap waste. Sizes vary with the manufacturer. Water regulations: How are they working? Here are some results since the Energy Policy Act went into effect: Household usage. The American Water Works Association Research Foundation concluded in 1999 that low flow toilets in 12 cities saved an average of 10.5 gallons per person daily. Municipal usage. Residential 1.6 gallon toilets were estimated to reduce toilet water use by 23 percent to 46 percent in studies conducted in a number of cities including Tampa, Phoenix, Austin and Oakland, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Environmental impact. According to the EPA, use of water efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances helps to maintain aquatic habitats; restore wetlands and fisheries; protect groundwater from depletion and contamination; and reduce the amount of energy used to pump, heat and treat drinking water and to pump and treat wastewater. The billion gallon bonus: Nationally, the use of low flow toilets through new construction and normal replacements is preliminarily estimated to save in excess of 7.6 billion gallons of water per day by 2020. This savings is nearly 19 percent of the total amount of water supplied to U.S. public water systems in 1995, according to the EPA. "Ten years after the water efficiency regulations went into effect, the Champion Toilet is at last providing consumers with a 1.6 gallon toilet that is both water efficient, as the regulation intended, and virtually maintenance free," says Laurie Breininger, vice president and general manager of American Standard bath and kitchen. For more information on Americas Best Flushing System and to see an online demonstration, visit . The Champion Toilet is available at wholesale locations and at retailers nationwide. Suggested retail price is approximately four hundred dollars. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Trojan Technologies Announce Recall of Residential Water Disinfection Systems. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announces the following recall in voluntary cooperation with the firm below. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. Name of product: TrojanUVMax Water Disinfection System. Units: About 3,900 sold in the U.S. (About 12,500 sold worldwide). Manufacturer: Trojan Technologies Inc., of London, Ontario, Canada. Hazard: Some of the lamp pins used in these disinfection systems are improperly soldered, and can cause the units to overheat, posing a fire hazard. Incidents Injuries: Trojan Technologies has received 40 reports of the systems overheating worldwide, resulting in some damaged units. No injuries or other property damage have been reported. Description: The recalled TrojanUVMax system, designed for residential and light commercial application, uses ultraviolet light to disinfect water. TROJANUVMAX is written on the systems steel chamber. Models included in the recall are D, D Plus, E, E Plus, F, F Plus, Pro 7 and 15. Model numbers are written on the Underwriters Laboratories label on the power supply. No other Trojan Technologies model or product is included in this recall. The lamps were manufactured in the U.S. and the system is assembled in Canada. Sold at: Water treatment dealers, plumbing stores and through direct sales from plumbers from August 2000 through April 2004 for between 0 and ,500. Remedy: Contact Trojan Technologies to arrange a free lamp repair or replacement. Consumer Contact: Consumers can contact Trojan toll-free at (800) 241-7923 anytime. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Shell reaches Twenty Million Dollar settlement in class action over plumbing, heating systems. Canadians with leaking polybutylene plastic plumbing or heating systems can now apply for compensation from a twenty million dollar class action settlement reached with Shell Oil Co. Another defendant, E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Co., previously settled in the case. "This has been a major problem, especially in areas like British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec," James Poyner of the legal firm Poyner Baxter said in a release. "Both Shell Oil Co. and E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Co. have done the right thing and put the interests of Canadian consumers first." Directions for claims, including all relevant forms, can be found on the Internet at or by calling the claims administrator toll free at 1-866-348-0333. Canadian courts approved DuPonts thirty million dollar settlement in May, with DuPont agreeing to pay twenty five percent per cent of replacement costs. The faulty systems contain grey plastic pipes made of polybutylene and grey acetal plastic insert fittings. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

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Gigablast is a fast search engine. It is not using the same ranking algorithm as Google. At first we thought it was, but some of our standard searches show radically different results. Overall we really like it. It is designed to make transitioning from Google as painless as possible. And it compares favorably to Google in clutter. Google is going down the same path that Altavista went down, adding lots of doo dads and paid distractions that take you away from the search results, which is the reason we use a search engine. Gigablast offers instant realtime site updates, really neat. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

PlumbingSupply.US a global leader in plumbing, environmental plumbing and plumbing news, today announced the PlumbingSupply.US International Division, Plumbers Wholesale Shopping is an American global standard that reaches out through a strategy that aligns innovation, modernized stores, ecommerce, catalogs, and international expansion. The branding reflects a lifestyle that is current and relevant, one with a youthful attitude and energy. With product innovation, value, superior quality and the highest level of customer service as the valued hallmarks. PlumbingSupply.US is dedicated to providing shopping solutions to meet all your wholesale plumbing repair needs. Empowerment. "Building effective customer relationships means shaping a complex set of components into a simple engine", according to Mark Badger of PlumbingSupply.US marketing. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Hollywood Reporter - 10.5 - The Big One Is Only The Beginning. 9/8PM Sunday May 2 and Monday May 3 2004, NBC Television. This earth shattering four hour miniseries stars Emmy and Golden Globe winner Kim Delaney (NYPD Blue) as Dr. Samantha Hill, an intellectual earthquake expert put to the ultimate test; saving the West Coast from the biggest earthquake ever recorded. Emmy and Golden Globe winner Beau Bridges co stars along with Ivan Sergei (Crossing Jordan), Dule Hill (The West Wing), John Schneider (Smallville), Kaley Cuoco (8 Simple Rules..) and Fred Ward (Sweet Home Alabama). Uttering the prelude for public emergency awareness, PlumbingSupply.US, a global leader in plumbing, environmental plumbing and plumbing news, spokesman Mark Badger insists that everyone should 'Be Prepared For Emergency Situations, whether a plumbing emergency or natural disaster.' PlumbingSupply.US stocks a full line of plumbing parts and supplies for the plumbing emergency; the Federal Emergency Management Administration FEMA stocks free educational information to learn about earthquake, flood, wild weather and other natural disaster preparedness. As a public service, PlumbingSupply.US has authored a full line of emergency information alert products, including NWS National Weather Service alerts, warnings and advisories; USGS United States Geological Survey Earth Quake Reports; EDIS State Of California Emergency Digital Information Services alerts and an array of general news headlines from Americas leading information sources, available at no charge to the public, published on the Serence KlipFarm. - Be Prepared. Stay Alert. Stay Alive. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire), (Hollywood Reporter)

10.5 - The Big One Is Only The Beginning. 9/8PM Sunday May 2 and Monday May 3 2004, NBC Television. This earth shattering four hour miniseries stars Emmy and Golden Globe winner Kim Delaney (NYPD Blue) as Dr. Samantha Hill, an intellectual earthquake expert put to the ultimate test; saving the West Coast from the biggest earthquake ever recorded. Emmy and Golden Globe winner Beau Bridges co stars along with Ivan Sergei (Crossing Jordan), Dule Hill (The West Wing), John Schneider (Smallville), Kaley Cuoco (8 Simple Rules..) and Fred Ward (Sweet Home Alabama). Uttering the prelude for public emergency awareness, PlumbingSupply.US, a global leader in plumbing, environmental plumbing and plumbing news, spokesman Mark Badger insists that everyone should 'Be Prepared For Emergency Situations, whether a plumbing emergency or natural disaster.' PlumbingSupply.US stocks a full line of plumbing parts and supplies for the plumbing emergency; the Federal Emergency Management Administration FEMA stocks free educational information to learn about earthquake, flood, wild weather and other natural disaster preparedness. As a public service, PlumbingSupply.US has authored a full line of emergency information alert products, including NWS National Weather Service alerts, warnings and advisories; USGS United States Geological Survey Earth Quake Reports; EDIS State Of California Emergency Digital Information Services alerts and an array of general news headlines from Americas leading information sources, available at no charge to the public, published on the Serence KlipFarm. - Be Prepared. Stay Alert. Stay Alive. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

American Standard Cos. announced its profit climbed 15 percent in the latest quarter, boosted by higher sales at all of the manufacturer's businesses. Net income for the fourth quarter was eighty-four million, or one dollar and fourteen cents a share, for the Piscataway-based provider of air conditioning systems, plumbing fixtures and vehicle-braking systems. The latest results compare with the prior year's net income of over seventy-three million, or one dollar and one cents per share. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

PlumbingSupply.US a global leader in plumbing, environmental plumbing and plumbing news, has announced the PlumbingSupply.US Plumbers Wholesale Shopping at the PHCC Trade Show. The Pennsylvania Association of Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors and PHCC of New Jersey united to present the first state-in-state joint Trade Show, at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City on Friday April 16th. The show featured the latest in new product ideas, informative seminars and technical demonstrations, and gave plumbing contractors a greater opportunity to meet with top manufacturers and wholesalers who are leaders in todays plumbing-heating-cooling industry. PlumbingSupply.US was proud to meet with new friends and develop lasting customer relationships while introducing the PlumbingSupply.US wholesale division to plumbers and supply houses. Mark Badger, of PlumbingSupply.US Customer Relations Management, said "We are delighted to have met these exceptional individuals who have enthusiastically accepted our wholesale division. They are dedicated leaders who are outstanding examples of the depth of management capability that exists throughout the profession." PlumbingSupply.US a premiere showcase of online plumbing parts and supplies works to the customer's advantage everyday by using teamwork, resourcefulness and reliability. Leadership is essential to future success as PlumbingSupply.US strives to continue to create value for our special trade customers. PlumbingSupply.US offers plumbers and the plumbing trade supply houses wholesale pricing, in addition to bin boxes, want list creation, detailed spending summaries, budget reports and intelligent invoices for quantity purchases. PlumbingSupply.US makes tracking your spending a breeze. "As the world and technology changes, we are right there, being aware of it and developing new products, concepts and services to keep our customers current, as well as supporting industry trade shows, according to Badger." (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Intercultural design perspectives Milan. Creativity, inspiration and visions of the future will be the main features of Grohes showroom, which will be opened in Milans Zona Tortona from 19 April 2004. Specifically developed for this years Milan Furniture Exhibition, the showroom will stage design ideas from Italy, Ukraine and Russia as a truly cross border approach to water. The concept will be complemented by lectures and presentations by Dr. Corinna Rosner, Chief Curator of Munichs Neue Sammlung, Franco Clivio, independent designer, Professor Axel Thallemer, founder of Festo Corporate Design, and Professor Vittorio Lampugnani, architect. When entering the showroom, visitors will be guided through two different bathroom scenarios that interpret the meaning of this room in a very unconventional way. Actors will demonstrate the countless possibilities available to the daily user. Grohe thus highlights its self imposed commitment to user oriented design that matches the zeitgeist while at the same time being innovative and addressing specific cultural aspects instead of concealing them. Design perspectives from Russia and Ukraine; New approaches to water are also shown by the Eastern European exhibits in the showroom. Grohe attaches great importance not only to high standards of design but also to an intercultural exchange with designers and architects. Russia and Ukraine are not exactly known to be the design capitals of the world, up to now, that is. As a global player who is exposed to the diversity of worldwide design on a daily basis, Grohe frequently comes across design ideas that fail to get the attention they deserve. The company has therefore chosen to offer selected designers during the Milan furniture exhibition an international platform for their works. For the third time, Grohe has also sponsored the Ukrainian design competition initiated and organised by local wholesaler Vlada Promtex. Three winners were chosen from among more than 100 entries and invited by Grohe to attend the Milan Furniture Exhibition. The works of the winners as well as another 16 washbasin scenarios will be exhibited at the Grohe showroom at Via Tortona 15, Milan. A similar concept was put into practice by Grohes branch office in Moscow. Designers and architects were invited to take a graphical approach to the economical use of water. The wide variety of different interpretations provides impressive insight into the world of Russian design and architecture. The so-called Water Automat, for instance, uses a microprocessor to control the water supply and combines various outlets such as washbasin, toilet, shower and washing machine in a single unit. The painting, I AM WASHING MYSELF, shows that the artist addressed the topic in an almost philosophical manner. The different cultures constantly influence our understanding of design, for instance with regard to shapes, functions, ergonomics and the choice of materials. As a learning organisation, we are committed to supporting the most important developments in this field. Not least during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan is therefore a place where Grohe simply has to be, said Chief Designer Andreas Enslin about the companys initiative. Internationally renowned speakers will take the visitors on another excursion into the world of architecture and design. On April 14, Dr. Corinna Rosner, Chief Curator of Munichs Neue Deutsche Sammlung spoke about Italian design. Two highlights were presented by Grohe on Thursday, April 15. Designer Franco Clivio explained in which way he sees and understands products and what new interpretations they enable. His presentation was followed by Professor Axel Thallemers open workshop Water: solid, liquid, gaseous?, which may open up new micro views of the macro phenomenon that is water. The lectures were complemented by a discussion led by Professor Vittorio Lampugnani on Friday, April 16. He tried to answer the question, Who really longs for the architecture of the future?. Grohe, the water technology specialist, was confident that this concept provided an open minded, design interested audience with new insights into the diverse global requirements. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

PlumbingSupply.US, a global leader in plumbing, environmental plumbing and plumbing news, announced that on 22 April, PlumbingSupply.US joins people around the world to celebrate Earth Day 2004. The PlumbingSupply.US goal is to promote a healthy environment and a peaceful, sustainable world by spreading environmental awareness. We must continue our work to ensure that each new dawn, the sun shines through clear skies and upon clean waters and all our families enjoy the blessings of good health. According to Ellyn Hernandez, Environmental Consultant of PlumbingSupply.US, "Water is the biggest environmental issue we face in the 21st Century in terms of both quality and quantity. In the past 30 years since its passage, the 'Clean Water Act' has dramatically increased the number of waterways that are once again safe for fishing and swimming; despite this great progress in conserving water resources, we must still restore and protect our nation's waters for present and future generations." Efficient water use can have major environmental, public health, and economic benefits by helping improve water quality, maintain aquatic ecosystems, and protect drinking water resources. Efficient use of water through behavioral, operational or equipment changes, if practiced broadly can help mitigate the effects of drought. Efficiency measures can also save the homeowner money of water and sewage bills. PlumbingSupply.US maintains that homes with high-efficiency plumbing fixtures save about 30% of indoor water use and yield substantial savings on water, sewer, and energy bills. Consider repairing all leaks. Dripping faucets and leaky toilets can waste 200 gallons of water per day. PlumbingSupply.US offers an entire line of products and information to conserve water. Earth Day 2004, belongs to the public. Americans are gearing up to plant trees, clean up their communities, launch waste reduction programs, stage displays, parades and workshops. Keep America Beautiful. Be Environment Friendly. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

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Fortune Brands Inc. (FO.N: Quote, Profile, Research) , maker of Moen faucets and Jim Beam bourbon, has announced that fourth-quarter profit rose 19 percent, boosted by acquisitions and the weaker dollar. Earnings beat analysts' expectations and Fortune's shares rose as much as 4 percent to an all-time high. Fortune has reaped the benefit of the home improvement boom in the United States, with several acquisitions in that segment in recent years. Almost half its sales came from that business in the fourth quarter of 2003. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Jacuzzi Brands reported its annual net sales were up 11.6% to .19 billion for the year ended Sept. 30. The most notable sales increases were in the bath products segment. Sales of Jacuzzi whirlpool baths increased as a result of the availability of this product line at about 900 Lowes retail outlets across the country, beginning in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2003. The net loss for fiscal 2003 was .1 million vs. net income of .9 million last year. The net loss for fiscal 2003 included a loss from discontinued operations of .2 million vs. income from discontinued operations of million last year. The Salem, Ohio cast iron manufacturing plant was closed in fiscal 2004. The company said it plans to continue to be a provider of cast iron products, which will be manufactured to its specification and design by third parties. Also, the Plant City, Fla., plant was closed in November 2003. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Applications are now being accepted for the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Educational Foundation, Bradford White Corp. and Delta Faucet Co. scholarship programs for post secondary study in a plumbing, heating, cooling related major. More than ,000 in scholarships will be awarded to deserving students who are enrolled in a major directly related to the PHC profession. More information is available from PHCC at 800-533-7694, or on the Web at (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

:: LaFemme ::
LaFemme, a patented disposable female urination device that allows females the ability to use a toilet while standing, is featured in Hearst Magazines COSMOgirl, March issue. LaFemme is designed to help cut down on the exposure to germs by allowing women the ability to stand and not sit on a dirty seat when they use the toilet. LaFemme reportedly is the only female urination device on the market that can be flushed down the toilet after use. Each Purse-Pak contains three applications with detailed directions printed inside of the pack. The product is available in a retail box containing six PursePaks. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

For 10 years, Adrian Rodriguez has been photographing colorful dyes as they drip in his toilet bowl to make what he calls "toilygraphs". In the process, Rodriguez has turned his bathroom into a photo studio and spends hours getting the dye to drip precisely as he wants. So far, he has not suffered for his art. Rodriguez has not been plagued by plumbing problems and he gets 0 per photo. But while this Pablo Picasso of the potty is flushed with excitement about his "toilygraphs," he has only photographed during a flush once. That is because "all the colors blend together into turquoise." (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Aqua America Adds 63 Florida Water and Wastewater Systems to Its Expanding Southern Footprint; Acquisition Increases Florida Customer Base by More Than 50 Percent Aqua Utilities Florida, Inc., (Aqua) completed the acquisition of 63 water and wastewater systems from Florida Water Services Corporation, a subsidiary of ALLETE, Inc. (NYSE:ALE) for over thirteen million. The acquisition will be accretive to earnings. The transaction adds another 40,000 residents in the central part of the state and complements Aqua's current concentration of customers in the Sarasota area, bringing the total number of residents served in Florida to 100,000. Aqua America's purchase of the Florida properties was made possible by ALLETE's stated intent to exit its water services holdings in the Southeast. Aqua America Chairman Nicholas DeBenedictis said he was pleased with the outcome. "We are very enthused about our new, expanding Florida operations," said DeBenedictis. "When we entered Florida last August with the purchase of the AquaSource water and wastewater systems, we knew we would have a good opportunity to expand our customer base in this rapidly growing state. It's very exciting and encouraging to increase our customer base by more than half in a state where we didn't operate a year ago." Aqua America purchased its AquaSource assets from another large electric utility that recently exited the water business, DQE, now known as Duquesne Light Holdings. The Heater operations increased the number of residents served in North Carolina by 150,000, quadrupling the size of Aqua America's North Carolina operations in less than a year. Aqua America first entered North Carolina in December 2000 with the purchase of MidSouth Utilities, Inc. and continued to buy water and wastewater systems leading up to its July 2003 purchase of AquaSource's water and waste water operations. The June 1, 2004 purchase of Heater secured Aqua America's position as the largest private water and wastewater utility in the state serving more than 175,000 residents, expanding its service territory to the growing areas of suburban Raleigh, Gastonia and Fayetteville from its existing customer base in suburban Wilmington, Greensboro and Hickory. The acquisition also expanded the customer base of both companies in the Charlotte area. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Aqua America Chairman and CEO Appointed to Chesapeake Bay Watershed Blue Ribbon Finance Panel. Nicholas DeBenedictis, Aqua America, Inc., (formerly Philadelphia Suburban Corporation) chairman and chief executive officer has been selected by Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell to serve on the new Chesapeake Bay Watershed Blue Ribbon Finance Panel. The panel of high level business leaders, financial and economic experts, government officials and regional leaders will provide guidance to the Chesapeake Executive Council on funding the multi state effort to restore the Chesapeake Bay. "I am honored that the Governor saw fit to appoint me to this committee," said DeBenedictis. "As a former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources and a representative of both the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and a national water utility I am fully committed to support the Council's efforts of watershed preservation and look forward to working with this distinguished group of panel members. The Chesapeake Bay is not only a natural resource, but is one of our nation's true treasures and must be protected." (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Hydraulics, Ltd., which provides water and wastewater service to more than 25,000 residents in North Carolina has changed its name to Aqua North Carolina, Inc. consistent with a name change at its parent company, Philadelphia Suburban Corporation, which is now Aqua America, Inc., (NYSE:WTR). Aqua America Chairman Nicholas DeBenedictis said that the local water company is just one of several of its subsidiaries that will have their names changed consistent with the name change at the Bryn Mawr-based parent company. "The PSC Board made the decision several months ago to change the company's name to Aqua America to reflect its position as the nations largest publicly traded water utility based in the U.S.," explained DeBenedictis. "We decided to use the name 'Aqua' at all of our subsidiaries as well as the name of the state in which each utility does business. Therefore, in North Carolina, the name has changed to Aqua North Carolina." (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Consumers New Jersey Water Company, which provides water and wastewater service to approximately 150,000 residents throughout the Garden State, has officially changed its name to Aqua New Jersey, Inc. consistent with a name change at its parent company, Philadelphia Suburban Corporation, which is now Aqua America, Inc., (NYSE:WTR). (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Consumers Illinois Water Company, which serves water to approximately 200,000 residents in seven counties throughout Illinois, has officially changed its name to Aqua Illinois, Inc. consistent with the name change of its parent company, Aqua America, Inc. (NYSE:WTR), formerly Philadelphia Suburban Corporation. "The Aqua America Board made the decision several months ago to change the company's name to Aqua America to reflect its position as the nation's largest publicly-traded water utility based in the U.S.," explained Aqua America Chairman and CEO Nicholas DeBenedictis. "We decided to use the name 'Aqua' at all of our subsidiaries as well as the name of the state in which each utility does business. Therefore, in Illinois, the company name changed to Aqua Illinois." (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Consumers Ohio Water Company, which serves water to approximately 288,000 residents in seven counties throughout Ohio, has officially changed its name to Aqua Ohio, Inc. consistent with the name change of its parent company, Aqua America, Inc. (NYSE:WTR), formerly Philadelphia Suburban Corporation. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Aqua America, Inc. (NYSE:WTR) announced that its North Carolina subsidiary, Aqua North Carolina, Inc., has purchased a water and wastewater system in New Hanover County near Wilmington and another water system in the Glencroft Subdivision near Newton in Catawba County. Collectively, the systems serve more than 1,000 residents. Aqua North Carolina purchased the water and wastewater assets of ABC Utilities, which serves approximately 900 residents south of Wilmington for 5,000. In a separate transaction, Aqua North Carolina purchased the water assets of Glencroft water system previously owned by Yount Properties, that currently serves 150 residents for ,000. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Aqua America, Inc. (NYSE:WTR) announced that its Pennsylvania subsidiary, Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc., has recently purchased the assets of five water systems in Pennsylvania for a collective purchase of 5,400. Aqua Pennsylvania purchased Marienville Water Supply Company, Inc. which serves 900 residents within the Village of Marienville in Jenks Township, Forest County. This system will be operated in conjunction with a major prison complex in Forest County. Aqua Pennsylvania developed the water system for the new prison in 2003. The company also purchased Meribah Water Company, which serves 150 residents in Delaware Township, Juniata County. This is part of a fast-growing area along the Route 22 corridor where Aqua Pennsylvania bought two other systems--Monroe Manor and Rolling Green--in 2002. In Luzerne County, Aqua Pennsylvania has purchased Applewood Water Company, Inc., which serves approximately 100 residents in Dallas Township. Aqua Pennsylvania has been expanding in Northeastern Pennsylvania for the past five years. Two of the newly-acquired small water systems are located in Pike County in the fast-growing Pocono area of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Tafton Water Company, Inc., which has been operated by Aqua Pennsylvania since September 2001, provides service to more than 150 residents in the "Wilson Hill" community of Palmyra Township. Aqua Pennsylvania also purchased the Canal Acres water system that serves a development of the same name in Lackawaxen Township. Aqua Pennsylvania was encouraged by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to consider acquiring the Tafton water system and has received a state loan and a grant for its needed repairs. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Aqua America, Inc. (NYSE:WTR) announced today that its North Carolina subsidiary, Aqua North Carolina, Inc., has purchased the water and wastewater assets of Neuse River Village Utilities which serves approximately 400 residents in Wake County east of Raleigh for 0,000. Aqua North Carolina will install new meters throughout the system and make water quality upgrades to the wastewater treatment plant at a collective cost of approximately 0,000. In addition, the North Carolina Utilities Commission approved Aqua North Carolina's right to serve two new subdivisions in Northwest Guilford County. Arbor Run and Lennox Woods which will collectively serve more than 500 residents once the communities are completely constructed. The Neuse River acquisition comes on the heels of two other acquisitions Aqua North Carolina completed last month: the purchase of the water and wastewater systems of ABC Utilities south of Wilmington, and the purchase of the water assets of Glencroft water system near Newton. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Aqua America, Inc. (NYSE:WTR) announced today that its Florida subsidiary has reached an agreement with Florida Water Services Corporation, a subsidiary of ALLETE, Inc. (NYSE:ALE) to acquire 63 water and wastewater systems for .82 million. The acquisition will be accretive to earnings. Collectively, the systems being purchased serve approximately 40,000 residents concentrated primarily in the central part of the state. The acquisition will expand Aqua America's customer base, currently concentrated in the Sarasota area, to more than 100,000 residents. In accordance with Florida procedures, regulatory approval from the Florida Public Service Commission will be sought following closing, which is scheduled for June 30, 2004. The Commission's review process may result in an adjustment of the final purchase price based on the Commission's determination of plant investment for the system. In addition to this agreement, the companies entered a second agreement that would allow Aqua America's Florida subsidiary to acquire an additional nine water and wastewater systems for .18 million subject to the outcome of a previously negotiated right of first refusal with a nearby municipality. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

HYDRONIC HEATING has experienced a surge in activity this past year. According to the Hydronics Institute Division of GAMA, cast iron boiler shipments in 2003 increased 11.3% over 2002. This was the best year for boiler shipments since statistics were first recorded by The Hydronics Institute in 1968. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

SimplexGrinnell said in mid February that it would lease fire sprinkler systems to building owners on a national basis in order to reduce the cost of installing the systems. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Sanitary for All changed its name in January to SFA Saniflo, and the producer of macerating toilets will operate in North America under the trade name Saniflo (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Mayor Jeremy Harris in February finalized enactment of a water quality ordinance that bans additives in water, including fluoride. The ordinance affects the city and county of Honolulu and island of Oahu but not federally owned water systems such as military installations. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design announced that the Saxony Pull Out Spray kitchen faucet from Delta Faucet Co. is the recipient of the 2003 Good Design Award. The honor recognizes a leading example of a design driven product that successfully incorporates functionality. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

For the second year running, Rooter Man clinched top honors in the Plumbing category in Entrepreneur magazines 25th Annual Franchise 500 issue. In addition, the Massachusetts based drain cleaning franchise once again was placed among the top 50% in Entrepreneurs overall ranking, finishing 255th among the 500 best franchises selected. The nationwide service business has opened 71 new franchises in the past five years, using a superhero theme, and 24 hour a day, seven day a week service motto for promotion. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Messe Frankfurt, Inc. has announced that plumbing fixture manufacturers Kohler and American Standard will both be exhibiting for the first time at the ISH NA trade show. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

NEW KOHLER COLORS EVOKE EMOTION AND DEMONSTRATE CHARACTER OF KOHLER CAST IRON. Kohler Co., a global leader in kitchen and bath design, continues to explore new color dimensions in the kitchen and bath with the introduction of six new colors available exclusively on key KOHLER Cast Iron products. Enameled KOHLER Cast Iron provides a rare opportunity to explore how color moves across a material and the role light plays in connecting with the material to heighten the effectiveness of color. Often drawing inspiration from hues found in nature, consumers report wanting to make an emotional connection or create a distinctive atmosphere in the spaces where they live. These new KOHLER Vapour colors for the bath, available in five distinct hues, and Black n Tan for the kitchen, all demonstrate new color techniques on KOHLER Cast Iron and allow consumers to discover the personality, attitude and individual freedom that color brings into the home. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

New KOHLER Vapour colors available in light blue, green, pink, orange and indigo are a collection of playful colors that glide across the fixture surface to create an ethereal translucency and highlight the artistic curves and substantiality of the cast iron material. "The new Kohler Vapour colors are atmospheric and allow consumers to playfully maximize the emotion of their space," said Mary Reid, director of advance concept development at Kohler. "Enamel is a glass material that when handled differently, allows light into the surface. These five Vapour colors interact with light to bring a rich, deep visual effect to the surface." (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

NEW KOHLER BATH LAVATORIES CHALLENGE TRADITIONAL USES OF MATERIALS TO CREATE STUNNING PIECES OF FUNCTIONAL ART. Kohler Co., a global leader in kitchen and bath design, introduces a new category of KOHLER products called Natures Chemistry that transform indigenous materials, like metal, glass, clay and stone, into evocative fixtures for the kitchen and bath while retaining intrinsic properties. Two new additions, Tableau, a wall mount KOHLER Cast Iron lavatory, and Twirl, a vitreous china lavatory, join popular Natures Chemistry products such as Vessels Botticelli, Spun Glass, Ricochet, Purist Marble Wet Surface and Marble Wading Basin lavatories. From its introduction of Vessels lavatories in the 1990s to its growing collection of flat surface lavatories, Kohler continues to challenge traditional perceptions of what bathroom and kitchen fixtures should look like. More recently materials have played a role in redefining the shape, color and texture of sinks and lavatories, elevating them to the status of functional art. "Consumers increasingly want to surround themselves with products that create an emotional connection and instinctively tie back to nature," said Mary Reid, director of advance concept development at Kohler. "When one looks at a bath lavatory from the KOHLER Natures Chemistry offering, they intuitively know what material it was crafted from and there is a connection to that material." (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

PERFORMANCE SHOWERHEADS OFFER ENHANCED SHOWERING EXPERIENCE AND POPULAR DESIGN AESTHETICS. Driven by extensive consumer research and an emerging design trend towards oversized showerheads, Kohler Co., a global leader in kitchen and bath design, offers new performance showerheads for several of its most popular bath faucet collections. These new showerheads, boasting larger diameters for broader water coverage and a powerful, revitalizing spray, provide an exceptional shower experience as well as fresh silhouettes to the existing KOHLER showerhead portfolio. The new, single function KOHLER performance showerheads feature 72 spray nozzles distributed across a 5 one half inch diameter sprayface. Consumers also have the option of elevating the showering experience with a multifunction showerhead that provides three spray options: aerated, coverage or massage, without sacrificing aesthetics. All of these new performance showerheads both single and multifunction have been designed to better complement each individual faucet collection, providing a more consistent design aesthetic between all lavatory, bath and showering components within the bathroom. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Emerson Climate Technologies Builds One Million Copeland Scroll R410A Compressors. Milestone signifies continued strong growth for R410A systems in U.S. residential air conditioning Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) has announced that the Copeland Corporation has shipped its one millionth Copeland Scrolla compressor with the environmentally sound HFC refrigerant R-410A. "This is more than a manufacturing milestone for Copeland," said Scott Barbour, president of Copelands air conditioning division. "Reaching one million R410A scroll compressors in the marketplace is a strong indicator of the refrigerants proven performance and acceptance by all major OEMs." Barbour went on to note Copelands market data indicate that R410A products are the fastest growing segment in residential air conditioning. "Our preseason sales for R410A compressors have increased 45 percent over last year, with continued year over year double digit growth. We fully expect this trend to continue as the industry moves closer to an R22 replacement in 2010." The fact that R22 systems will be phased out in six years, yet the systems have a 15 year life, has become a strong selling point for contractors selling R410A systems today. For this reason, we are now seeing significant growth in the commercial market as well, Barbour continued. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Not many companies can say they have been in business for over a century. But not many companies are like Central Brass. The brass faucets and fixture fittings we started making in 1895 are still made the same way today, with a combination of quality craftsmanship, rugged components and naturally, bodies cast of solid brass. Today, Central Brass "trouble free" faucets and fixture fittings are the preferred choice among professional plumbing contractors for their long lasting design, durability and proven dependability. Central Brass faucets feature solid cast brass bodies, ceramic or compression stems, easy to clean triple chrome finish and easy to get replacement parts. And, faucets for use in drinking water systems meet rigid standards for safety. Plumbers install Central Brass because they know its there to stay. They stake their reputation on it. They know it will keep on working and reduce dreaded call backs. Dependability and durability are the central ideas behind Central Brass. Because caring about how well a faucet functions is central to our way of thinking. Which means we will probably be around for another 100 years. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

International Trade Show for Kitchen and Bath, Plumbing, Piping, Heating and Air Conditioning, October 14 16, 2004 Boston, MA. North Americas largest combined show for plumbing, heating, hydronics and PVF. The 2003 show boasted more than 500 exhibitors and attracted an international audience of more than 11,000. National Hardware Show, May 10 12, 2004 Las Vegas, NV. National Restaurant Association Show, May 22 25, 2004 Chicago, IL. International Builders' Show, January 14 17, 2005 Orlando, FL. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Sloan Valve Co. introduced the Optima series electronic soap dispensers with automatic sensor operation. The dispensers are chrome-plated with a cast-brass body, brass shank and optional special finishes. The pump is activated to release a single pre-measured soap application from the spout when the users hands reflect the beam into the sensor-receiver. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Danze has added a center massage unit to the classic sunflower showerhead. It is made of solid brass construction and available in chrome and brushed nickel finish. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Bradford White Corp. donated ,000 to the Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors National Association, with half going to its Apprenticeship program and the other half to its National Auxiliary College Scholarship fund. The donation was presented by Ted Sikorski, vice president of marketing at Bradford White, during the company breakfast event at the ISH North America convention in Las Vegas (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

The 255,000-sq.-ft. central distribution center Delta Faucet Co. built in Jackson, Tenn., is now operational. Company officials expect a majority of Delta volume to be shipped out of this facility by mid-2004. Deltas other plant warehouses in Greensburg, Ind., and Chickasha, Okla., will continue to support the new distribution center by shipping regionally. The Jackson facility will allow for transit to 75% of all major markets within 24 hours, according to Rob Skavroneck, director of logistics. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Reading, England-based Wolseley plc said one of its wholly owned subsidiaries has acquired Tobler Management Holding AG from CapVis, a financial investor, for about .6 million (U.S.). (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Baltimore, Md.-based Northeastern Supply has completed the acquisition of Wholesale Enterprises in Roanoke and Christiansburg, Va., a distributor of plumbing supplies and heating equipment serving the residential and commercial markets. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Philadelphia Suburban Corporation (NYSE:PSC) announced that customer growth in 2003 increased by more than 20 percent, one of its best years for growth. This years significant customer growth is due to a commitment to the growth through acquisition that the company began more than 10 years ago. The combined acquisitions of smaller systems throughout its existing service territory, along with this summers larger acquisition of AquaSource Utility, Inc. from DQE, resulted in the strong year end customer numbers. PSC Vice President of Corporate Development, Mark J. Kropilak said, "We are pleased with the strong growth for this year. While the acquisition of the AquaSource systems, which put us in nine new states and added 130,000 customers, was clearly the pinnacle of this year's acquisition efforts, the numerous smaller 'tuck-in' acquisitions continue to be an important part of our growth efforts as they allow us to continue to expand on the more significant growth we gain from the larger acquisitions. PSC Chairman Nick DeBenedictis said, "This has been an exciting year for PSC and its newly structured corporate development department. The balance of smaller system acquisitions coupled with a few larger acquisitions has made for sound strategy for the company, and we look forward to continued growth in 2004." (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

PSC Name Change. Officers of Philadelphia Suburban Corporation (NYSE:PSC) rang The Closing Bell(TM) 16c Jan, 2004 at the New York Stock Exchange commemorating the change of its name to Aqua America, Inc. and its ticker symbol to WTR to reflect its position as the nation's largest publicly-traded water utility based in the U.S. The formal name change is effective at 11:59 p.m. EST. Because the stock market was closed for Martin Luther King Day, Aqua America will trade under its new name and ticker on the next business day, Tuesday, January 20, 2004. Aqua America traces its roots to a local water utility in Delaware County Pennsylvania founded in 1886 and now serves approximately 2.5 million residents in 14 states. "Thanks to our successful growth through acquisition strategy, our company has experienced tremendous growth," explained Aqua America Chairman Nicholas DeBenedictis. "In the past 10 years, our customer base has grown by more than 300 percent, transitioning us from a regional company in southeastern Pennsylvania to a 14 state company that provides water and wastewater service to approximately 2.5 million people. We are now the largest U.S. based, publicly traded water utility operating in multiple regions of the country. This weighed heavily in the decision to change the company's name. The Aqua America name is perfect for our new expanding footprint in the water utility sector as it clearly states our business focus and demonstrates our position as a large domestic water utility." The company will incorporate the term Aqua into the names of its state water and wastewater operations which will also carry the name of the state in which it does business. For instance, its Pennsylvania subsidiary will be named Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc. While the Pennsylvania subsidiary will have its name changed simultaneously with Aqua America, some subsidiaries in other states will require additional approvals before changing their names. The company's non-regulated businesses will be consolidated in Aqua Services, Inc. Aqua America's new Web address will be (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Aqua America, Inc. (NYSE:WTR) has a Dividend Reinvestment and Direct Stock Purchase Plan (the "Plan") that offers investors a convenient and economical way to purchase shares of the Company's Common Stock. The Plan also allows participants to reinvest the cash dividends in additional shares of common stock at a five percent discount. Shares for the direct stock purchase portion of the Plan are purchased in the open market at prevailing market prices, with no commissions or trading fees. Participation in the Plan includes full investment of your funds because participants are credited with both whole and fractional shares. Dividends are paid on both whole and fractional shares. EquiServe Trust, N.A. will administer the Plan and act as Agent for the participants. The companies will purchase and hold shares of Common Stock for Plan participants, keep records, send statements and perform other duties required by the Plan. The Plan is open to the general public. Existing Aqua America shareholders who hold at least five shares of stock in their name may participate immediately with Optional Cash Purchases of as little as . If you own shares of Aqua America Common Stock which is held in the name of a bank or broker ("street name"), you can easily participate by asking the bank or broker to have at least five shares registered in your name. New investors may participate by making an initial minimum investment of 0 either through automatic withdrawal from your bank or by check or money order. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

The United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA is issuing water quality standards that establish a designated use for swimming, in addition to criteria for bacteria levels, for the following waters in Puerto Rico: Mayaguez Bay, Yabucoa Port, Guayanilla and Tallaboa Bays, Ponce Port, San Juan Port and all coastal waters from 500 meters seaward to a maximum of 3.0 miles seaward (the coastal ring). Puerto Rico plans to collect and analyze data over the next year to determine whether the swimming use is attainable in these waters. If the Commonwealth demonstrates that the use can not be attained or designates the waters for swimming in accordance with EPA's regulations, EPA will approve the action and publish a rulemaking withdrawing the federally promulgated standards. For information concerning the final rule, contact Wayne Jackson at 212-637-3807 (e-mail: or Claudia Fabiano at 202-566-0446 (e-mail: The public record for this action has been established and is located at EPA's Region 2 offices in New York and Puerto Rico: 290 Broadway, New York, New York, 10007, and 1492 Ponce De Leon Avenue, Suite 417, Santurce, Puerto Rico, 00907. It can be viewed between 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays. Ask for Water Quality Standards for Puerto Rico, ID No. OW- 2003-0072. You can also find this document on the EPA Internet at (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Confidence in the economy for 2004 by members of the construction industry jumped 16% from last year, the biggest increase in 28 years in an annual survey taken by construction equipment lend-er CIT Equipment Finance. CIT Equipment Finance, a unit of CIT Group, said the 2004 outlook indicates that U.S. construction industry leaders are significantly more positive about the industrys prospects than at any time since 1999. Of nine U.S. regions surveyed, eight show double-digit improvements in optimism. This years forecast tells a much different story than last year, said Roy Keller, president of CIT Equipment Finance. The overall year-over-year growth in optimism was the most impressive in the 28-year history of the CIT Construction Industry Forecast and this bodes very well for the industrys prospects. More than 900 contractors and equipment distributors across the country were surveyed via telephone interviews. The Optimism Quotient is the forecasts primary indicator for assessing and comparing the respondents level of confidence in the health of the construction industry. Generally, a number of 100 or higher indicates strong optimism in the industry one year outlook; a number below 100 indicates a more cautious projection. The 2004 forecasts overall optimism quotient jumped 14 points, from last years 89 to 103, the highest level since 2000, when the forecast accurately predicted a softening in the U.S. construction industry. The OQ for contractors and distributors rose 13 and 16 points, respectively. The OQ had been 104 in 1999. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

The old Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia PA, had some of the most notorious Astroturf of any football stadium in America. This season, however, the Philadelphia Eagles and their grateful NFL opponents are playing on natural grass in the new Lincoln Financial Field. A turf warming system keeps the grass growing through the end of the NFL post season in January. Grass would ordinarily go dormant and groundskeepers have tried a number of methods over the years, including over-seeding, if weather permitted, or plugging in sod to cover bare spots. Some have painted the dirt green to make it look better on TV. A groundskeeper would have more success with a turf warming system, said Patrick Sauer, vice president/sales and marketing for Zurn Industries, which supplied a large part of the turf warming system at Lincoln Financial Field. A turf warming system creates an optimal root temperature. Groundskeepers can also cover the grass and blow warm air under the tarp, interspersed with periods of exposure to sunlight on bright days. A turf warming system does not melt snow, Sauer noted. It is better to plow the snow off the field. In fact, if the system melted snow, it would suck up so much energy that the turf temperature would drop, he said. The design of the Lincoln Financial Field was created by Avon, Colo., specifier ME Engineering and tweaked by West Virginia turf-warming specialist Subsurface Technologies. The Philadelphia stadium warms 100,000 sq. ft. of turf. The playing surface is constructed with a top canopy of the turf itself, then 10 in. of root zone, a sand layer, a peat layer, diatomaceous (silica-based) earth mix designed to hold moisture and then below that is the PEX tubing. Below that is 12 in. to 18 in. of pea gravel for drainage and the tubing for the pop-up irrigation system, and complex plumbing system to protect the field investment. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Exelon Corp. announced plans to sell its water cooling subsidiary to Macquarie Bank Ltd. of Australia for 5 million in cash. The Exelon Thermal Technologies unit is made up primarily of five Chicago chilling plants that provide cooling to 93 buildings in downtown Chicago and Midway Airport. Macquarie will gain ownership of cooling plants Exelon is building to serve clients in Boston, Houston and Canada. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

A slow economy is only one reason why nonresidential business may be sluggish these days. Wendell Bedell, president of Building Services Institute, listed at least five other factors for contractors who attended his workshop, Why Commercial Salespeople Fail: A Blueprint for Success. The first and major reason salespeople fail is due to a poor sales attitude, Bedell said Dec. 4 to contractors gathered here for the Design Build 2003 Seminar sponsored by Contracting Business magazine and co-sponsored by CONTRACTOR and HPAC Engineering magazines. A proper attitude blends a belief in the companys services and products; enthusiasm; persistence and follow-up; optimism; consistency; and empathy for the customer, he said. Citing a study published in the Harvard Business Review, Bedell said that 50% of commercial salespeople lack core competencies such as organizational and communication skills and never should have been hired. Another 25% have potential but were not hired to sell the right service or product. That leaves just 25% of the salespeople who are a good match for the sales job and make 80% of a companys sales. Yet, even the successful 25% of the sales force is operating at only 40% of capacity for a variety of reasons, Bedell said. Besides a poor attitude, these include a lack of formal training, failure to use available technology effectively, poor selling processes, and inadequate marketing and lead-generating processes. To address these shortcomings, Bedell presented his eight-point Blueprint for Success: 1. Adjust attitude to fit the sales job. This step includes taking responsibility when something goes wrong, ignoring the status quo, and developing skills through listening to audio tapes and attending seminars. 2. Develop sales competencies. These include core behaviors such as leadership, problem solving and alliance building that are required across all job functions and skill specific behaviors that are required to be successful as a salesperson. When you are in front of a customer, you are a consultant, not a salesperson, Bedell said. You are helping them to solve their problems. We are here to find their pain. 3. Identify existing and new target markets. Bedell suggested that contractors buy business-to-business lists of target customers, prioritize which customers to pursue based on highest return on investment and then identify differentiating unique selling propositions for each customer segment. Do not waste your time on prospects that are a 50% or less chance of closing, he said. There is so much else out there. 4. Brand services and messages. After creating a differentiating brand for each of its service offerings, a contractor should create a unique selling proposition for each brand and then review promotional materials, proposals and sales letters, modifying them so they are all consistent to the brand message. Name your service agreements Protect or Protect Plus, for example, or else you are like everyone else, he said. 5. Invest in sales technologies and software. Contractors must take advantage of programs that help salespeople manage their time, scheduling and contact information to improve their efficiency. They also should leverage off-the-shelf estimating, proposal and presentation templates, he said. 6. Make a weekly sales tasking plan. Salespeople should advance all deal opportunities to closes. They also should work to achieve 100% reach into existing and new target customers to make them aware of their companys offerings and then report their actual performance vs. their tasking plan. 7. Create an effective sales process. This step includes contacting target customers to obtain decision-makers names, sending customized messages to target customers, and setting up appointments during non-peak selling hours. Bedell suggested that salespeople schedule weekly new business development from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, avoiding Mondays and Fridays. The minute you stop foraging is the time you go dry, he said. It is all about grabbing your unfair share of the market. 8. Get a top performer coach or mentor. Finding someone inside or outside the company who is willing to share his or her experience can greatly benefit a salespersons performance. Contractors interested in training offered by BSI can visit for dates and locations. Always remember PlumbingSupply.US is ready to serve you. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

The main course will likely be the marriage of plumbing and electronics. Attendees at the ISH North America show in Las Vegas in October got a sampling of this new world with the SmartHouse concept bath. A mockup of a futuristic bathroom, it included toilets and sinks that moved up and down to suit individual users. Were this an actual house, the shower and tub would automatically give each user the amount and temperature of water he or she liked, along with additional goodies such as aroma or color-light therapy. The homes data network would link everything to a central controller. Gimmicky. We thought so too that is, until we asked our industry leaders to describe their visions of the future of plumbing. Nearly every description sounded like some variation of the ISH house. We take it for granted that everything is loaded with electronics, says Rick Reles, vice president/marketing for Kohler Global Faucets. And though you do not see it in the bath yet, you will. In fact, manufacturers have a slew of fixtures with electrical and electronic controls under development, and the day will come soon when no fixture will lack some type of power supply, whether low or high voltage. Plumbers wont have to run wires, but they will have to cooperate more closely with electricians and electronic integrators. A lot of this wiring will be connected to sensors, and the farther in the future you look, the more sensors everyone predicts. Companies around the world are creating concept homes replete with sensor technologies. At Matsushitas Panasonic House 2010 in Tokyo, for instance, sensors in the bathroom mirror analyze your skin, then adjust the waters ion level to best suit you. The toilet measures urine sugar and other health indicators, and warns you when it senses a problem. At the Fraunhofer Institutes inHaus home in Duisburg, Germany, the bath can be filled by remote control to any temperature or water level, and it will make noise to tell you when the bath is ready. Voice controlled faucets let you speak a command to raise and lower water temperature, or pour just enough water to fill a glass. Opinions differ on whether to expect this level of sophistication in 10 years or 30. While most of the technology is available now, manufacturers have yet to make it easy to use and inexpensive. But many manufacturers are not waiting until the technology is perfected to move ahead with electronic fixtures. Totos Neo Rest toilet already uses sensors to raise or lower the seat, or to decide how much water the flush needs. Company spokeswoman Lenora Campos says that is just the beginning, and she expects sensors to proliferate in the bath space. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

GROHE single handle, lever handle, and shower system products meet A.D.A requirements as described: 4.25.4 Operation. Controls and operating mechanisms shall be operable with one hand and shall not require tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist. The force required to activate controls shall be no greater than 5 lbs. (22.2N) Shower Unit. A Shower spray unit shall be provided with a hose at least 60 in. (1525mm) long that can be used as a fixed shower head at various heights or as a hand held shower. If an adjustable height shower head mounted an a vertical bar is used, the bar shall be installed so as not to obstruct the use of grab bars. GROHE A.D.A ACCESSIBILITY COMPLIANCE The Americans With Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination against physically impaired people in employment and in their access to the facilities, goods and services of most public places, retail stores and other businesses. The A.D.A also imposes a new building code on most commercial construction and on renovations of existing commercial buildings. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

GROHE was the first international faucet manufacturer to be awarded DIN ISO 9001 Certification. The ISO (International Standards Organization) standard 9001 covers the quality activities in not only manufacturing and assembly, but also in the areas of management, marketing, engineering, order handling and customer service. In order to qualify for DIN ISO 9001 certification, GROHEs Quality Assurance System had to conform to all of the strict requirements of the standard and must have been audited and inspected by an independent internationally accredited auditing organization (TUV Cert). To maintain its certification, GROHE must meet a yearly control audit, and must reapply for a complete certification audit inspection every three years. GROHE FAUCET ... SAFE GROHE the first European faucet manufacturer to comply with California Proposition 65 Lead Statute and ANSI NSF Standard 61, Section 9, for preserving the purity of our drinking water. Grohe is committed to producing safe faucets, not only for all the little reasons, but for the right reasons, dedicated to quality, dedicated to you, recognized as one of the leading faucet brands used in custom homes and upscale remodeling projects. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Antique Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze Finishes Respond to Consumer Demands for More Authentic, Old World Styling. If variety is the spice of life, then things are getting quite spicy in the bathroom these days, thanks to Moen. The worlds largest producer of residential plumbing products has added two hot new faucet finishes to its traditional Kingsley Collection Antique Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze to offer consumers more choices than ever before. The demand for products that create an Old World look remains strong, noted Kathleen Yates, Group Product Manager for Moen. These two new finishes take that Old World feel to a whole new level by creating more authenticity. Both finishes incorporate similar technologies to create a weathered and distressed authentic Old World feel. The faucet is then sealed with a new protective coating to ensure its long-term beauty and durability. According to Yates, similar products on the market offer a less permanent finish which, in many cases, change appearance over time. The Moen finishes retain their look over the long term and have been proven, through rigorous testing, to be as durable as any coating finish. We considered about six to seven different finishes to expand our product offering this year, but these two by far were proven to be the most popular based on extensive research with plumbing wholesalers, showroom consultants and builder showroom design consultants, said Yates This is not the first time that Moen has responded to consumer demand for Old World styling. Just over a year ago, the company introduced its very popular Wrought Iron finish to the Kingsley line of bath products. The dark brown, almost black, appearance of the Wrought Iron faucets blends well with the dark woods that are popular in bathrooms today. The Moen mission is to make plumbing more fashionable, explained Yates. The industry is moving away from utilitarian faucets, and Moen is proud to be at the forefront of these style changes. Consumers expect their faucets to complete a certain look they have chosen for the bath. Faucets today are more like jewelry for the home and have earned the right to be showpieces of sorts. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

A YEAR AGO, plumbing industry experts were holding their breath. The previous year had been good to housing, and people were hoping for more of the same in 2003. Today, the feelings are similar, although the levels of expectation have been ratcheted up quite a bit. That is, overall, 2003 was better than expected for many plumbing companies, and executives hope to maintain that growth in 2004. The outlook for residential remodeling and new construction is bright, and some bounce-back is anticipated in nonresidential markets too. Delta Faucet Co. expects a strong 2004 in new residential construction for at least three reasons, said Ray Kennedy, senior vice president/sales and marketing. One is that the company expects continued positive results from its market segmentation strategy of focusing its marketing resources. In other words, we expect to continue to capture more market share, he said. In addition, while the housing industry predicts new construction to be down a bit in 2004 (about half a point, Kennedy said) this is coming off a very strong 2003, so levels will continue to be high. We expect 2004 to be another record year for us, added Mary McCullough, assistant channel manager for Delta. One reason is that the housing market does not seem to want to slow down. Another reason is that the company has a large number of new product launches that it has high hopes for. For example, one of our higher-end lines is designed to make installation easier for contractors, she said. Rival Moen expectations for 2004 are cautiously optimistic, said David Lingafelter, vice president/marketing and product development. The economy as a whole seems to feel good about growth prospects, he said. For example, consumer confidence continues to increase, which helps retail and wholesale business. He added that although projections that housing starts will be down in 2004, this downturn is difficult to project with any degree of accuracy. John Heilstadt, Elkay executive vice president/sales and marketing, noted: While our forecast is for moderate growth, I think every sign has been indicating and continues to indicate the possibility or likelihood of performance beyond that, especially in the segments of our business that are residentially oriented. In the residential market, values have remained strong, and underlying demographic factors, such as age and income, are very supportive of investments in homes, he said. Those demographics bode well for the residential remodeling market too. Plumbing wholesalers are becoming more active with their showrooms and are hoping to connect more with remodeling contractors and small builders who cater to the needs of older consumers, Kennedy said. We anticipate the remodeling side of our business to be very strong in 2004, he said. The rationale here is that, as the population ages, older people with extra income are shifting from what was once a do-it-yourself mode to a do-it-for-me mode. As the economy continues to improve, the stock market is also rising, with the Dow passing 10,000 in December for the first time since June 2002. This begs the question: Will the housing market (especially remodeling work) weaken as people begin to find the stock market attractive once more? That is, will people who dropped out of the market and invested more in their homes now begin once more to shift their extra dollars back to the stock market? Although she said she sees some validity to this theory, McCullough added that people still seem to be hesitant about the stock market. In addition, I think the effects of 9/11 are still in place, meaning that people are still feeling the burrowing effect and wanting to put more money into their homes, she said. Heilstedt noted: Even though the market has come back in recent months, I do not think this will have a lot of impact on home investment levels. The reason is that market enthusiasm is different this time. While there is optimism toward the market, the irrational exuberance that existed in the late 1990s will not soon return. In sum, while money is beginning to flow back into the stock market, it is not necessarily money that is being drained from the housing market. On the nonresidential side of the plumbing market, Richard O Reagan, senior vice president/sales and marketing for Chicago Faucet, a Geberit Co., said he has seen some good GDP information recently. However, he does not expect this to have a quick impact on the commercial market. I think this indicates that we have seen the bottom of the economic downturn, he said. We still have state budget deficits and a very high vacancy rate in commercial offices. In addition, we still have a tremendously high job loss rate. As such, he believes it will be awhile before the money begins to trickle back into the nonresidential segment. Tom White, vice president/manufacturing for Haws Corp., said he is seeing some positive signs too, such as increased quotation volume in recent months. He expects to see an upturn in nonresidential business in mid-2004 led by Haws engineered products and followed by the companys catalog items. The indicators are showing that business has been picking up, White said. Schools, institutional buildings, airports and office buildings have been Band-aiding for so long. All their money has been spent on more security. Heilstedt is less optimistic about the 2004 commercial market than he is about the residential business. We are hopeful, but less confident, of improvement on the commercial side, he said. Projects that may have been deferred because of funding issues and state government weaknesses may gain some strength, but I do not know that for sure. However, given what he called the spectacular growth in the economy of 8.2% in the third quarter, a continuation of even a moderate version of this will result in an increase in state revenues, allowing planned projects to finally be implemented. Water heater sales in 2004 could get a bump from Department of Energy regulations, but Bradford White Ted Sikorski, vice president/marketing, said he expects business to remain pretty much at the same level as 2003. The new DOE energy standards are going into place in 2004, he noted, adding that this change will affect how water heaters are insulated as well as some dimensional adjustments. Accordingly, this should give water heater sales a boost in the first part of the year, Sikorski said. Since this involves some cost increases, there will be a bit of price hedging in the beginning of the year to cover that, he explained. Then things will flatten out again. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Class Five technology delivers intense flushing power with industry leading 3 1/4 inch flush valve and direct-fed jet technology 1.4 gallon flush setting option offers a water savings of over 2,000 gallons a year. Innovative DryLock system significantly decreases installation time over standard installations KOHLER, Wis. Kohler Co., a global leader in kitchen and bath design, introduces a new toilet with exceptional flushing power, designed for extraordinary situations. The Cimarron Comfort Height toilet the first KOHLER toilet to feature the exclusive Class Five flushing system, an industry leading 3 1/4 inch flush valve, and direct fed jet technology is engineered to provide extraordinary bulk flushing performance for even the most demanding circumstances. Also making its debut on the Cimarron toilet is an innovative Drylock installation system that allows plumbers and do it yourself homeowners to install a toilet faster and easier than a typical installation. Inspired by the raw power of class five whitewater rapids, the Cimarron Comfort Height toilet with Class Five flushing technology represents a new category of KOHLER flushing systems. Class Five flushing technology provides the answer to consumers who have expressed the need for a gravity fed toilet that effectively removes ultra bulk waste without ever plugging. Even under the most demanding "commercial use", Class Five technology ensures a powerful, effective flush each time the toilet is utilized. This is a commercial-grade toilet, designed for both residential and commercial applications. Exceptional flushing power: With the increased diameter of its industry leading 3 1/4 inch flush valve, KOHLER Class Five flushing technology creates incredibly strong gravity fed flushing power while also maintaining the efficient use of 1.6 or 1.4 gallons of water. Additionally, a fully glazed 2 1/8 inch trapway and an optimized siphon jet ensure a powerful flush every time the toilet is used. Lastly, the Cimarron Comfort Height toilet features an 11 by 10 inch water surface among the largest in the industry to provide for better hygiene as it helps maintain a more overall clean and odorless bowl. Water savings: The Cimarron toilet offers water savings via a 1.4 gallon flush setting option that can be adjusted during installation to help conserve the environment and reduce demands on water supply not to mention saving consumers significant money on their water and sewer bills over time. Over a one-year period, a family of four can save over 2,000 gallons of water simply by using the 1.4-gallon flush setting instead of the 1.6-gallon industry standard. Even though a smaller amount of water is used, the Cimarron Comfort Height toilet will still flush effectively due to the excellent design of its internal working components. Quick, easy installation: The DryLock installation system makes installing a toilet fast and easy without fear of breaking the tank or leaking water onto the bathroom floor. Traditional installation of a 2 piece toilet usually requires a socket wrench and a screwdriver to be used simultaneously to tighten two to three bolts that went directly thorough the vitreous china tank. Obstructions in the tank, such as the fill valve, made this process awkward, and installers would need to be careful not to over tighten the bolts and break the vitreous china tank. Additionally, if the bolts were not tightened enough, water could leak out onto the bathroom floor. The new DryLock installation system uses a metal bracket plate that snaps easily around a rubber gasket on the bottom exterior of the tank. Two bolts slide and snap effortlessly into the bracket plate rather than sticking through the vitreous china tank. The tank is then set down on the toilet and only one tool a 1/2 inch socket wrench is needed to fasten the tank tight. The absence of holes in the tank for the bolts ensures a dry installation and no damage to the tank. Ergonomic benefits: The Cimarron Comfort Height toilet offers comfortable, chair-height seating for people of all ages and statures, and complies with the height requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Comfort Height toilets are comparable to the height of an average household chair just over 17 inches making sitting down and standing up easier. Style: The transitional design of the Cimarron toilet allows it to blend seamlessly into both traditional and contemporary bath and powder rooms. Like all KOHLER toilets, the Cimarron Comfort Height toilet is available in a wide selection of KOHLER Full Line and High Fashion colors to complement any bathroom decor. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Dual flush feature (1.0 or 1.4 gallons per flush) provides average flush of 1.08 gallons By installing the recently enhanced San Raphael Power Lite toilet from Kohler Co., an average household of four can save an additional 3,200 gallons of water per year over today's standard 1.6 gallons per flush, gravity-fed toilets based on 10,220 flushes per year, or 28 flushes each day. According to Kohler, the recent technology modification in the toilets electric pump located inside the tank has enabled it to conserve more water than ever. With the San Raphael Power Lite toilet's exclusive Twin Touch, dual flush actuator, the user can now flush just 1.4 gallons of water for solid or heavy waste, or 1.0 gallons for light or liquid waste. Kohler research indicates that 80 percent of all flushes are to remove light or liquid waste, meaning the user will most often select the lesser water amount of the two flush options. That averages to 1.08 gallons per flush well below the industry benchmark (and federal regulation) of 1.6 gallons per flush. "Kohler now increases the potential for significant water conservation by decreasing the amount of water required to effectively remove waste from the bowl," said Kathryn Streeby, senior product manager of toilets for Kohler. "The San Raphael Power Lite toilet maintains its superior level of design with the benefit of increased water conservation." To take full advantage of all the toilets quiet yet powerful and effective flush, an individual needs to install an inexpensive, 120-volt GFCI electrical outlet behind the toilet to power its .2 horsepower pump. Already equipped with an easy to operate Twin Touch, dual flush actuator mounted on the side, the toilet also features a 2 1/8 inch fully glazed trapway to swiftly move heavy waste without blockage, and a substantial water surface to keep the bowl clean and free from odor. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Accessories, neo-angle shower and door, and undercounter lavatory join the extensive portfolio Delivering the timeless, traditional design that consumers crave for their bathrooms, the Kohler Devonshire Suite, available through Kohler wholesale distribution or retail, continues to broaden its already extensive product offering. Joining the Devonshire suite in 2004 are: neo angle shower module and door, undercounter lavatory, decorative bath accessories. Neo angle Shower Module and Door The neo angle shape of the Devonshire shower allows for the best use of space in the often tight corners of the bathroom, making the product especially popular for home remodelers. The shower includes a 42" neo-angle receptor base, 2-piece wall set and neo-angle shower door. Three molded-in shelves provide generous storage space, and a built-in footrest offers a convenient ledge for shaving. The shower door echoes the suites simple, traditional design lines, and offers the flexibility to be installed so the door swings either left or right. The shower door has two glass options crystal clear and Intrex, a translucent, textured surface tinted for privacy and in three finishes; Bright Silver, Bright Brass and Matte Nickel. Undercounter Lavatory. Perfect for use with a vanity or console table, the Devonshire undercounter lavatory joins the mix as an option to the suites pedestal and self-rimming lavatories. A distinct feature is the decorative curves along the upper rim of the lavatory that extend the old world architecture lines that are signature to the Devonshire Suite. Decorative Bath Accessories. Providing a finishing touch, Kohler introduces coordinating accessories to the Devonshire portfolio of traditionally styled products. Perfectly matching the design lines found on the faucet collection, the Devonshire accessory line will include the following components: 18, 24 and 30 inch towel bars, a 24 inch double towel bar, towel ring, toilet tissue holder, robe hook, soap dish, shelf and tumbler. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

The Highly Successful Chateau Collection from Moen Features a Great New Style. Moen Incorporated has given its best-selling line of faucets a fresh, new look, improving both style and functionality. The Chateau line, the company's most popular collection, now features consumer preferred softer, cleaner style lines, high arc spouts and new handle options. "The decision to refresh the line came after speaking with trade customers and consumers," says Moen Product Manager Sandy Rakar. "Moen learned through research that consumers prefer cleaner, more streamlined styled faucets with high arc spouts for easier use, access and convenience. The result is a beautiful new design for our most popular faucet line." Consumers can choose from a variety of handle options, including updated acrylic or chrome knob single handles or new lever handles that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. All the handles incorporate easy-to-read universal red/blue, hot/cold indicators. The Chateau line includes several one-handle and two handle faucet styles for the kitchen, bar, laundry and bathroom. For the kitchen, the Chateau line includes one and two handle style faucets, available with a new streamlined side sprayer, offered in a soft white to complement today's color and design trends. New bar and laundry faucets provide the beauty and functionality of Chateau throughout the home. In the bath, the Chateau line includes one and two handle lavatory faucets, 3- and 4-hole Roman tub faucets, bidets, and shower suites with Posi-Temp pressure-balancing control valves. Like all Moen faucets, the Chateau line contains Moen's patented one-piece washerless cartridge, which means no washers - the most common causes of troublesome drips. The self-contained unit has fewer parts, meaning greater reliability and worry-free performance, year after year. The redesigned Chateau line will be available in February of 2004 through wholesalers and professional plumbing product dealers, such as PlumbingSupply.US. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Continuing its long heritage of creating stirring design statements for the home, Kohler Co., a global leader in kitchen and bath design, introduces three new lavatories to its exclusive KOHLER Artist Editions collection. These new Artist Editions introductions explore unexpected color palettes and experiment with intriguing textures to create bath and powder rooms that are inspiring, yet enhance the overall atmosphere of the space. Take Wing. Building on its Artist Editions decorative product offering, Kohler introduces Take Wing, a new lavatory that represents a maze of butterflies that when grouped together fashion a repeating, whimsical design. A paisley pattern delicately comprises the wing of each butterfly and transitions seamlessly from one butterfly wing to another. "The flexibility of the paisley lends itself to represent several things, such as a butterfly wing in this instance," said Mary Reid, director advance concept development. "In Take Wing the organic nature of this meticulous design allows a flock of butterflies to emerge from the pattern." Take Wing utilizes a neutral, sepia tone to create a soft, peaceful environment. The popularity of neutrals in choice of home decor and a desire to bring the outdoors in, makes Take Wing a perfect choice for those seeking to create a peaceful bath retreat or design a fanciful powder room. Ricochet. A perfect Artist Editions design to those wanting to add a subtle, decorative accent to their bath or powder room, Ricochet undercounter lavatory reaches new heights in carved decorative products. Delicate, scallops repeat around the inside surfaces of Kohlers popular Caxton lavatory creating this appealing texture that one can not resist touching. An excellent example of glazing, Ricochet illustrates the beautiful way color can move over surfaces resulting in an appearance resembling glass. Available in white and Cashmere, Ricochet offers exceptional versatility that elevates a bathroom with its understated artistry and irresistible texture. Garden Bandana. Extending its offering, KOHLER Artist Editions adds an exciting red palette to its popular Garden Bandana design. Based on the pattern of a porcelain dish from the Quing dynasty of sixteenth century China, Garden Bandana features small chrysanthemums, peonies and foliage on a white background. The design details on the crisp white background offers an exciting twist to a traditionally floral inspired pattern. Featured on Kohlers Conical Bell above counter lavatory, the vibrant red and orange combination rejuvenates this traditional design by infusing it with an unexpected vitality. Founded in 1873 and headquartered in Kohler, Wis., Kohler Co. is a world leader in products for the kitchen and bath, and one of the oldest and largest privately held companies in the United States. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Suburban sprawl, congested highways and tract after tract of cookie cutter houses. Now add to the legacy of this countrys decade old building boom an apparent rise in the incidence of serious defects in new or young homes. Faulty foundations, severe moisture intrusion and shoddy framing are commonly at the root of problems that manifest themselves as gaping cracks, rotting walls, and windows and doors that do not close right. Often, these problems show up months or even years after the buyer has moved in and the builder has moved on. No one seems to be documenting the extent of the problem, some estimates claim that 15 percent of all new homes are seriously defective, but experts say the fast pace of construction is a cause. They point to several other contributing factors: Builders are under pressure to keep costs down so homes are affordable and profitable. Demands for energy efficiency and environmentally sound products mean that homes today are more complicated to build. Qualified laborers and quality materials are sometimes in short supply. Home builders acknowledge isolated problems, but they deny that the rate of defective homes is on the rise. Instead, industry officials say, lawsuits are surging, as trial attorneys target construction defects. Regardless of their incidence, the potential for serious defects in new or young homes makes it imperative for home buyers to be vigilant before they sign a contract or go to closing. If you are building a new home, research your builder by consulting your local Better Business Bureau, and the one where the builder is headquartered, for a complaint history, according to Mark Bader of PlumbingSupply.US Get a list from your builder of all subcontractors to be used and check them out with the bureau, too. Check for builder complaints at your state consumer affairs department or attorney general's office. If the company is publicly traded, read its Securities and Exchange Commission filing at Look for clues to its financial health, including bankruptcies and large liabilities. While online, browse homeowner chat rooms at (Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings) and www (Homeowners for Better Building), where dissatisfied home buyers swap information about builders and remedies. Most important, talk to residents of other housing developments by the same builder. Whether you're building a new home or buying an existing one, hire an experienced real estate lawyer and a qualified home inspector. An attorney should review your contract before you sign it, and also any home warranty. Builders sometimes warrant home systems, but not all states regulate the warranty programs or post bonds to secure performance. Make sure the purchase contract includes clauses that protect you. The inspector you hire should be an engineer or an architect, and have insurance against liability errors and omissions. The National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers ( and the American Society of Home Inspectors ( can make a referral. Buyers of new houses should monitor construction with their home inspector at each stage of completion so errors can be corrected promptly. Buyers of older houses should have a thorough inspection of all structural and mechanical systems, including plumbing, air conditioning and heating. If you have already bought or built and think you have a serious problem, give the builder a chance to fix it, but do not let warranties or statutes expire while you wait. Document your complaints with photos, copies of written agreements and warranties, and a home inspection. Follow up with state building and regulatory authorities if the builder fails to deliver. As a last resort, contact a lawyer who specializes in construction defect lawsuits. Your local bar association can help you find one. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Kitchen And Baths Which Shine. Contemporary Trends. Typically, the master remodeling plan will provide a consistency in which each kitchen and bath enhances the overall residence design, yet leaves room for diversity and for the individuality of each homeowner. The proposed interior of the home will have spacious areas, high ceilings and state of the art appliances, designed much of the interiors including the kitchens and bathrooms; an overall vision with layouts that fit it. Kitchens and baths reflect a luxury status. Decide to double the quality of both the bathrooms and kitchens with optimal brands, taking into consideration design and function. Understanding the ideals behind the development; Do not set rules. Understand the ideals behind the project; Patience. Several layouts, using materials such as marble, mosaic tile and limestone to create high end looks. For example, in the bath, glass mosaic tiles surround the vanity. Counters are done in white marble; a gray limestone floor provides contrast. Highly stylized fixtures, paired with Moen faucets and Robetx medicine cabinets to complete the design. Aesthetic and contemporary, choose materials that fit into the design. Dark cherry wood for cabinets with white Carrera marble and frosted glass backsplash. The design features stainless steel dividers, ventilation and various storage options. Today, people want an open, functional kitchen and bath, which shine with a workable layout. They want practicality and modern aesthetic created with beautiful products. You want to do something that is interesting, and you can please yourself. Remodeling is a unique intellectual exercise and PlumbingSupply.US is ready to assist in planning, and provide the correct supplies for the perfect project, beautiful, giving years of enjoyment. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

The design worlds favorite cautionary tale. It has the right components for urban legend, one well upholstered with Bohemian cliches. Taken up virtually overnight by the cognoscenti, it is now a time of sharp tongues, dulled perceptions, high expectations and plunging decolletage, the sort of event that can cause innocent souls to quit the heartland and seek strobe lighted Manhattan destinies. There is a fresh, eclectic kind of glamour that looks right now, a new spirit of individuality played out by mixing beautiful pieces together according to a different rhythm, one that knows none of the old boundaries or limitations. Rugged pieces, vintage items, the very elegant and the very easy are pulled together in a new, manner. The design signals a modern sense of what is chic and refined. A teasing reference to recent fame, an admirably unruffled deameanor, cajoled into a seemingly glamorous existence; glamourous existence is something that comes from the inside. Beautiful Super Summer. The enduring style of white has never been more elegant. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

The Price Pfister Marielle kitchen pull out faucet was honored with a Design Excellence Platinum Award by Design Journal magazine. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Charlotte Pipe and Foundry is now listed in the GreenSpec Directory, a guide to materials and building practices that contribute to environmentally friendly buildings. In order to achieve the listing, Charlotte certified that its cast iron piping and fittings are made from 100 percent post consumer recycled material. The company is a major recycler in the state of North Carolina. Each year, Charlotte Pipe prevents more than 350 million pounds of scrap iron and steel from entering overcrowded landfills. The company also operates its own water treatment facility, where it recycles and reuses 100 percent of its process water. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Delta Faucet Co. received the 2003 Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design for its Saxony Pull Out Spray Faucet. The award recognizes a leading example of a design driven product that successfully incorporates functionality. A model of the Saxony will be on display at the museum during the spring of 2004, afterward, it will become part of the museums permanent design collection. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Elkay received the 2004 American Kitchen and Bath Award from Home Magazine for its Mystic sink. The award is based on quality, performance and sensibility. In other news, Elkay is showcasing its Elite Gourmet Sink System in a new kitchen vignette within the Design Resource Center at the LuxeHome in Chicago's Merchandise Mart. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Danfoss was the winner of the 2004 AHR Expo Innovation Award in the refrigeration category for its type TN hermetic compressor for CO2. A panel of judges from ASHRAE chose products in eight categories for outstanding innovation, value to end user, and impact on the market. The Danfoss compressor is a significant development in environmentally sustainable alternatives to CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Investment firm W.P. Carey and Co. LLC acquired two warehouse facilities from Plumbmaster for .8 million. The warehouses, located in Oceanside, Calif., and Concordville, Pa., will be leased to Plumbmaster under a 20 year triple net lease with two, 10-year renewal options. The transaction was part of Bradford Equities Managements purchase of Plumbmaster. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Organizacion Corona SA, a privately owned Colombian company, recently acquired Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC. Mansfield will report through Coronas U.S. based business unit, Ceramicorp Inc. The acquisition of Mansfield is part of Coronas strategy for global growth in the plumbing products business. Coronas brand names include Corona and Mancesa. The company exports 51 percent of its sales to more than 20 countries throughout the Americas and Europe. Coronas board has asked to retain Mansfields management team. Kevin Oak will remain as president, reporting to David Abramowitz, chief operating officer of Ceramicorp, and Julio Manuel Ayerbe, CEO of both Corona and Ceramicorp. Corona, with more than 7,000 employees, manufactures and sells sanitary ware, floor and wall tiles, ceramic electric insulators, tableware, faucets and raw materials for the production of ceramics. Founded in 1935, the company also operates two retail chains: one that specializes in ceramic coverings and kitchen and bath; and the other, a joint venture in the do it yourself home improvement market with the Chilean retailer Sodimac. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Plumberex Speciality Products Inc., Thousand Palms, Calif., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, April 9. Plumberex makes ADA protection devices designed for installation under lavatories and sinks. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

ITT Industries announced that it has purchased 88.06 percent of WEDECO Aktiengesellschaft Water Technology, a manufacturer of ozone oxidation and ultraviolet disinfection equipment based in Dusseldorf, Germany. It will become a part of the Sanitaire division of ITTs Fluid Technology group based in Charlotte, N.C. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Granby, Quebec based Granby Steel Tanks, maker of high quality steel storage tanks for the North American plumbing, heating and air conditioning market, purchased all the assets of KamCo Products Ltd. (Oakville, Ontario), maker of coated copper tubing for potable water, oil, gas and various industrial applications. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

American Plumbing and Mechanical closed the sale of AMPAM Atlas Plumbing LLC in two transactions. The assets of AMPAM Atlas Maryland were purchased by Ben Lewis Plumbing, and the assets of AMPAM Atlas Virginia were purchased by Stephen Turner. These sales are part of AMPAMs reorganization plan. In mid February, AMPAM reached an agreement in principle with its senior lenders for the terms of a proposed reorganization plan. Under the proposed plan, AMPAMs existing businesses would continue operating and emerge from bankruptcy as restructured entities. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

American Standard Companies Inc. (NYSE: ASD) has announced record first quarter sales, net income and diluted earnings per share. Earnings were .14 per diluted share, up 31 percent from first quarter last year. In March, the company had raised its first quarter earnings range to .09 .15 per diluted share, up from the .02 .12 range announced in January. Sales were .185 billion, up 12 percent from a year ago, and net income rose to .6 million, up 33 percent. "We started 2004 with a strong quarter and are well-positioned to deliver solid growth in sales, earnings, margins and cash flow for the entire year," said Fred Poses, chairman and chief executive officer. "All three business segments contributed to our first quarter results. Our earnings benefited from productivity initiatives, along with volume growth and improved mix, which were driven by better markets and new product introductions, as well as from favorable foreign exchange. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Did you know nearly 92 million adults in the U.S. have low or very low literacy skills? Unfortunately, given limited resources, literacy organizations can only serve a fraction of them. Volunteers play vital roles in the literacy movement, and there has never been a greater need for more involvement. Verizon, Make Progress Every Day, has created the first ever online training center created to connect literacy organizations, volunteers and people who want to know more about supporting literacy. So, get involved and become a literacy volunteer today. For further information, visit (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

DigitalLife, Ziff Davis Medias new consumer technology event, has announced that it was recognized by the Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg and the City of New York for bringing an important technology event to the Big Apple. In an official proclamation Mayor Bloomberg declared October 14-17, 2004, Digital Technology Week in New York City. We are honored that Mayor Bloomberg and the City of New York chose to recognize the DigtalLife catalyst role in bringing the power of digital and consumer electronics technology directly to the users, said Monica Vila, Vice President, Ziff Davis Media Event Marketing Group. It is our mission to help consumers tackle confusion, evaluate products and make smart purchase decisions. But we do not stop there. DigitalLife is also passionate about helping people see the benefits of digital technology first hand and how these products can enrich their lives. Held in New York City at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on October 14 thru 17, 2004, DigitalLife helps technology companies accelerate sales, right before the pivotal holiday shopping season. Many prominent companies have already signed up as cosponsors and exhibitors at DigitalLife, with over 200 companies expected to bring their vision of the digital life to a packed convention center. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Granby Steel Tanks, a maker of steel storage tanks for the North American heating, air conditioning and plumbing market, acquired the assets of Kamco Product in February. Terms were not announced. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Sync Magazine. High Tech Digital Consumer Electronics Gadgets and Leading Edge Lifestyles. Sync Magazine is your high tech source for digital pop culture and how it relates to today's fashion minded modern lifestyle. Articles and reviews on everything from high tech gadgets and consumer electronics including the latest mp3 players and digital camera reviews to digital art and e entertainment. New and exciting. Forthcoming this summer to your newsstand., (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

A good flush beats a full house every time. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

Guido the plumber and Michelangelo obtained their marble from the same quarry, but what each saw in the marble made the difference between a noblemans sink and a brilliant sculpture. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire)

The society which scorns excellence in plumbing as a humble activity and tolerates shoddiness in philosophy because it is an exaulted activity will have neither good plumbing nor good philosophy...neither its pipes nor its theories will hold water. John William Gardner (1912 ). Biography, past US administrator; Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare 1965-1968. (PlumbingSupply.US Newswire) ###

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